Monthly Archives: October 2004

Hawaii Nader Hearing Postponed Again

The ballot access lawsuit filed by Ralph Nader and Michael Peroutka should have heard on October 29 (Friday). However, on Thursday, the judge recused herself. The case was assigned to another judge, and is reset for Monday, Nov. 1. It seems impossible that any injuctive relief will be forthcoming, due to the timing, even though […]

Legal Flaws Discovered In California’s Proposition 62 and Washington State’s Initiative-872

On November 2, voters in California and Washington will be voting on whether to install an election system that would remove minor party candidates from the November ballot, for all partisan office except president. It is difficult to know whether the initiatives will pass. California’s Prop. 62 had the support of 44% of the voters […]

Pennsylvania Makes Presidential Write-Ins Doable

On October 22, the Pennsylvania state elections department ruled that people can cast write-in votes for president without having to write in a complete slate of 21 candidates for presidential elector (in a 2 x 1 1/2 inch space). The Nader campaign had requested the ruling, since Nader is not on the ballot in that […]

Supreme Court Won't Put Nader on Ballot in Ohio

Today the Supreme Court declined to put Ralph Nader on the ballot in Ohio. On Friday, Nader asked the high court to review Ohio’s decision to remove him, arguing that a state law that requires people who collect signatures on candidates’ petitions be registered voters violated free speech rights. Nader’s request for a review went […]

Nader Unlikely to Appear on Illinois Ballot

Following is a report from attorney Andrew B. Spiegel in Illinois: Nader is still “in court” in Illinois in both federal and state court. In federal (re unconstitutional filing deadline, signature requirement and definition of qualified voter), the U.S. Ct App. 7th Cir denied Nader’s Petition for Rehearing with Suggestion for Rehearing In Banc on […]

Nevada Constitution Party might elect a State Supreme

Joel Hansen, a long-time activist in the Constitution Party in Nevada (the Nevada affiliate of the Constitution Party is called the Independent American Party), may be elected to the Nevada Supreme Court next month. Polls show him virtually tied with the incumbent justice; there are only two candidates in the race. The election is technically […]

Ohio Ruling on Provisional Voting Is a Defeat for Ashcroft

On Saturday the 6th circuit (which contains Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee) ruled that the new federal law requiring provisional voting can be privately enforced. However, the panel also ruled that the federal law does not require provisional voting outside of the voter’s home precinct. Provisional voting is required in federal elections throughout the U.S., […]