Monthly Archives: December 2004

US Senate Vote by Party

On November 2, 2004, Democratic nominees for U.S. Senate won an absolute majority of all votes cast in the nation for that office. The results, by party, were: Democratic 51.04%* Republican 46.33%  Libertarian .89%  Constitution .47%  Peace & Freedom .28%  NY Conservative .26%  Veterans .19%  Green .18%  *this includes votes cast for the Democratic nominee […]

Montana Supreme Court Unseats Jore

Today, the Montana Supreme Court issued an order, reversing a lower state court. The lower court had upheld the officials who had recounted the race for district 12, Montana House of Representatives. The recount officials, and the lower court, had agreed that the race was tied. Since the race had been tied, the Governor had […]

Political Party Showings in US House races for November

Various political parties polled the following number of votes for their US House of Representatives nominees (these numbers include affiliate parties with different names): Republican 55,887,080 Democratic 53,077,115 Libertarian 1,053,658 Green 320,259 Constitution 187,006 Reform 85,539 other parties 621,041 indep. candidates 760,985 The Louisiana election returns from November were used above. No Louisiana run-off returns […]

Constitution Party State Legislator Likely to Be Seated

On December 17, a lower Montana state court ruled that Rick Jore is the new Montana State Representative from the 12th district. Rick Jore is the Constitution Party nominee, and he becomes the first state legislator in the nation to be elected under the Constitution Party label. The court ruled that the election results, as […]

San Diego Write-In Candidate Now Shown to Have Received the Most Votes

Today, San Diego city elections officials released the results of an examination of certain write-in ballots cast for Mayor last month. They show that over 4,100 voters wrote in Donna Frye for Mayor, but didn’t blacken the oval next to the write-in line. If these votes are considered valid, Frye received the most votes for […]

Minnesota Elector Votes For Edwards

Today, the electoral college members met in their respective state capitols. One of the Minnesota Democratic electors voted for John Edwards for president instead of voting for John Kerry. West Virginia elector Richie Robb cast his vote for President Bush, failing to fulfil his promise to vote for someone else.

Appeals Court Denies Request for New Election in San Diego Write-In Case

Today the 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana denied a request to halt the certification and order a revote in the San Diego mayoral election. The lawsuit, filed by a supporter of third-place finisher Ron Roberts, said the city violated its charter by allowing Frye to run as a write-in candidate and sought […]