Monthly Archives: February 2005

US Supreme Court sets Conference Date for Nader Texas Case

The US Supreme Court will probably provide a clue on March 21, as to whether it is interested in Nader’s Texas appeal. Chances are the Court will either reject Nader’s appeal that day, or will ask Texas to submit a brief. One issue is whether a state can force an independent presidential candidate to collect […]

Arizona May Reduce Number of Signatures for New Parties in Mid-term Years

Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson won informal consent from the State Senate on February 24 to add a amendment to SB1205. Current law requires a new party to submit a petition signed by 1.33% of the last vote cast. Her amendment would change the base of the percentage, to the last vote cast in a […]

San Diego Write-in Case Still Alive

On February 24, the plaintiffs in the San Diego write-in lawsuit filed a notice of appeal to the California State Court of Appeals. Lawrence v Murphy. The issue is whether all of write-in votes cast for Donna Frye should be counted. The lower court had said write-ins could not be counted if the voter didn’t […]

US Supreme Court Asks Oregon to Respond to Nader

The U.S. Supreme Court announced today that on February 17, they asked the Oregon Secretary of State to file a brief, explaining why the Court shouldn’t accept Ralph Nader’s ballot access appeal. This is a good sign that the Court is interested in the case. Oregon had already told the Court last month that it […]

Kentucky Ballot Access Bill Passes House

Yesterday, Kentucky HB141 passed the House unanimously and went to the Senate. It makes two minor improvements in the ballot access laws. It deletes the requirement that minor party and independent presidential candidates must file a declaration of candidacy on April 1 of an election year. Also, it lets minor party and independent presidential candidate […]

Louisiana Libertarian Party Now a Qualified Party

Yesterday, the Louisiana Libertarian Party became a qualified party in that state. Under a law passed in 2004, any unqualified party that has at least 1,000 registered members, and which pays a one-time fee of $1,000, becomes a qualified party. The Reform Party also has over 1,000 registered members in Louisiana, but it hasn’t paid […]

Tennessee Companion Bill Introduced

Today, Tennessee Representative Donna Rowland introduced HB1776. It is identical to SB1327 in the Tennessee State Senate, which was introduced two weeks ago. It permits candidates who use the independent candidate procedure to choose a partisan label (other than just “independent”) to be printed on the November ballot next to the candidate’s name.