Monthly Archives: March 2005

Powerful California Politician Joins Fight for Alternative Voting Systems

State Senator Debra Bowen, chair of the California State Senate Elections Committee, has introduced SB 596, to allow any city, county or school board in California to use Instant-Runoff or Choice Voting systems. Also, she has agreed to be the keynote speaker at Californians’ for Electoral Reform’s annual general meeting on May 14 (location not […]

Missouri Bill Passes State Senate

SB 84 passed the Missouri State Senate on March 30. It repairs a drafting error in the state’s ballot access reform bill passed back in 1993. The intent of the 1993 law was to let parties petition for qualified status, and only then would they be required to choose their nominees, in convention. But due […]

Oregon Write-in Counting Bill Introduced

SB 1015 has just been introduced in the Oregon State Senate, by Senator Frank Shields. It restores the procedure by which a write-in presidential candidate can file a declaration of write-in candidacy, so that his or her write-ins will be tallied. Oregon had a procedure like this in the past, but it was repealed in […]

Arizona Legislative News

HB2399, which would move the primary from September to August, and also move the deadline for independent candidates from June to May, has not advanced, and is considered dead. SB1205, which makes it easier for a new party to get on the ballot in mid-term years, and which has already passed the Senate, also passed […]

Washington Court Sets Hearing Date for Gubernatorial Election Contest

On April 5, a local Washington state court will hold a pre-trial conference in the case over who won the disputed gubernatorial election. Depositions are due April 18. The actual trial date will probably be set on April 5. The only other two election contests still not settled (from the November 2, 2004) election are […]

Bad Bill in Washington State Fails to Pass

The Washington legislature failed to pass SB 5745 by the deadline, so it is dead. It would have cleaned up the technical errors in the “top-two” initiative that passed last year. The initiative, I-872, limits the general election ballot (for congress, state office and partisan county office) to only the two top vote-getters from the […]

Ballot Access Bills in 3 States Move Ahead

This week, ballot access improvement bills in Missouri, North Carolina, and North Dakota, have all made some headway. In Missouri, SB84 has passed the Senate policy committee unanimously. It lets a new party that circulate the party petition decide for itself, after it has finished the petition, whether or not to run a presidential candidate. […]