Monthly Archives: April 2005

Greens Gain a City Councilman

On April 29, Napa, California city councilman Harry Martin announced he had changed his registration from “Democrat” to “Green”.

Maine Bill Passes House

LD 329, which makes it easier for a qualified party to gain and retain that status in Maine, passed the House on April 28.

OSCE Report on US Elections is Disappointing

The Office of Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has published its report on the U.S. election of November 2, 2004. The OSCE is the office that is supposed to enforce the Helsinki Accords. The report is disappointingly bland. It mentions many problems in U.S. election administration, including restrictive ballot access laws, but it does […]

Hawaii Bill Signed

On April 19, the Governor of Hawaii signed HB119, which eases the requirement that every signature on a petition must include the signer’s social security number. Now only the last 4 digits need be included.

Washington IRV Bill Signed

On April 22, Washington’s Governor signed HB 1447, which lets certain cities use Instant-Runoff Voting for city elections if they wish. The city most likely to do this soon is Vancouver.

Helpful D.C. Bill Introduced

The Washington, D.C. city council will hold a committee meeting on April 22 to hear bill 16-236. It would provide that candidates seeking a place on either the primary ballot, or the general election ballot, could qualify by paying a fee instead of submitting a petition. The bill applies to all partisan offices in the […]

New Party Rights Lawsuit Filed

On April 15, a unit of the Virginia Republican Party filed a federal lawsuit, to enforce a party bylaw. The bylaw says no one can vote in the Republican primary if they voted in the Democratic primary for the preceding 5 years. Current Virginia state law requires that all primaries be open to all registered […]