Monthly Archives: May 2005

Nevada Primary Date Bill Advances

On May 27, the Nevada State Senate passed AB 455. It moves the Nevada primary from early September to mid-August. Fortunately, the Senate deleted all the provisions of the bill that force minor parties (which nominate by convention) to nominate their candidates any earlier. The Assembly version of the bill had even required minor parties […]

Illinois Bill Passes

On May 28, Saturday, the Illinois legislature gave final approval to HB 1968. Among other provisions, it reduces the signature requirements for citywide office in Chicago, from 25,000 signatures, to 12,500 signatures. The citywide Chicago offices have been conducted on a non-partisan basis starting in 1999. Back when these offices were partisan, only minor party […]

N.J. February Pres. Primary Bill Moves Ahead

On May 26, the New Jersey Senate State Government Committee passed two bills to move the presidential primary from June to the last Tuesday in February, SB 2402 and SB 1297.

Iran Politician Criticizes U.S. Ballot Access Laws

The May 25 New York Times carries a story about Ali Akhbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, considered the front-runner in the Iran presidential election next month. Rafsanjani is quoted as saying, “There is only a veneer of democracy in the United States. Election laws are so complicated that people have no choice but to vote for one […]

Minnesota Eases Definition of "party"

On May 23, the Minnesota legislature passed HF 1481, which adds another means for a group to gain or keep qualified party status. The bill says a group is a qualified party if it runs at least 45 candidates for state house, 23 for state senate, 4 for US House, and one statewide office (all […]

US Supreme Court Rules Against Oklahoma Libertarian Party

On May 23, the US Supreme Court upheld Oklahoma state law, against a Libertarian Party challenge. Specifically the court upheld a law that does not permit a qualified party to invite members of other parties to vote in its primary. The vote was 6-3. Justice Thomas wrote the opinion. However, two of the Justices who […]

Oregon Senate Passes Bill for Non-Partisan State Elections

On May 20, the Oregon State Senate passed SB161, which makes all elections for state office in that state non-partisan. The bill passed 20-10. 14 Democrats and 6 Republicans voted for it.