Constitution Candidate Raises More Money than Democrat

California is holding a special congressional election on Oct. 4. Campaign reports filed September 22 with the Federal Election Commission show that Constitution (American Independent) Party candidate Jim Gilchrist has raised more money than any Democrat running in the race. Gilchrist raised $111,731, whereas the leading Democrat, Steve Young, had only raised $62,493. Two Republicans, however, raised considerably more than Gilchrist. State Senator John Campbell had raised $795,019, and Assemblymember Marilyn Brewer had raised $577,259.

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  1. I will be very interested to see how Gilchrist does in this race. I would be surprised if he doesn’t finish in the top three.

  2. It’s an arch-right district, so he should beat the Democrat.

  3. As uneasy as we are on AIP’s (California’s U. S. Constitution Party) religiousity, the plight of our open borders and other day to day important issues have lead us to support Jim Gilchrist many weeks ago. No one else in the race has attracted our attention.

  4. The funny thing I’ve always found about the people that scream about illegal immigration is they tend to be rich white people, which are…well…the people that employ the illegal immigrants. If there was no one to pay them, they wouldn’t come here.

  5. I wonder if the Democrat will get more votes because people will confuse him with the San Fransico QB of the same name.

  6. I hope he wins, the country needs to wake up to this important issue. Our national security and survival depends on it.

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