Monthly Archives: October 2005

Elaine Brown Loses Lawsuit

On October 31, a lower state court in Georgia ruled that Elaine Brown (Green Party candidate for Mayor of Brunswick, Georgia) should not be on the ballot next week. Elaine Brown v Glynn Co. Board of Elections, 05-1597-63.

No US Supreme Court Action on Redistricting

The US Supreme Court did not announce on October 31 whether it will hear the Texas congressional redistricting case, even though that case was considered on the Court’s conference on October 29. The court will consider it again on November 4, with a decision probably announced on November 7. Travis County v Perry, 05-254.

Judge Alito's Ballot Access Decision

Judge Samuel Alito authored a New Jersey ballot access decision in 1999, Council of Alternative Political Parties v Hooks, 179 F 3d 64. It upheld New Jersey’s early June petition deadline for non-presidential minor party and independent candidates. Alito upheld the deadline based on the state’s interest in “voter education” (in other words, if candidates […]

Virginia Poll

A Washington Post poll of the Virginia gubernatorial race shows the Democrat with 47%, the Republican with 44%, and the independent candidate, Russelll Potts, with 4%. The poll is being published Sunday, Oct. 30.

Ex-Felons Win Iowa Lawsuit

On October 28, a lower Iowa state court upheld the right of the state’s governor to permit all ex-felons to register to vote. Iowa Governor Tom Vlisack had issued the order in July, and an Iowa county district attorney had sued to overturn the Governor’s action.

Georgia ID Law Rejected by 11th Circuit

On October 27, the US Court of Appeals, 11th circuit, refused to re-instate the Georgia State Photo ID requirement for voters at the polls. Last week a US District Court had forbidden the state to implement the ID law. Two of the three 11th circuit judges who heard the case are appointees of President George […]

Elaine Brown Decision Expected Oct. 31

The Elaine Brown hearing in Brunswick, Georgia, on October 27, seemed to go fairly well for her. The judge said he would rule on Monday, Oct. 31.