Monthly Archives: November 2005

6th Circuit Upholds March 1 Petition Deadline for Independents

On November 29, the US Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 that Ohio may require independent candidates (for office other than president) to submit petitions by March 1 of an election year. Lawrence v Blackwell, 04-4022. The decision is only 6 pages long. It did not mention the US Supreme Court decision most relevant, Mandel v […]

Louisiana Congressional Timing

On November 28, the paperwork was filed in federal court in Louisiana, to determine whether the state’s new law on congressional timing is contrary to federal law. In 1997 the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Louisiana could not continue holding its congressional elections in September. Louisiana, the only state that uses the “top-two” system, […]

First Ohio Green Gubernatorial Campaign

Bob Fitrakis is expected to be the Green Party nominee for Governor of Ohio in 2006. He will attempt to qualify as an independent, since the petition to put a new party on the Ohio ballot is so difficult. Fitrakis is a Columbus attorney who has been active in fighting vote-counting fraud.

Two Additional Parties Won Partisan Elections on Nov. 8

Besides the instances listed in an earlier post, two other minor parties won partisan elections on November 8, 2005. In Connecticut, the Chatham Party elected five candidates to the town council of East Hampton. The other two seats on the council were won by Republican nominees. The party takes its name from the old colonial […]

New Mexico Independent Deadlines Now Earlier

This year, the New Mexico legislature passed SB 678, which moves the independent presidential petition deadline from September to June, and also moves the deadline for non-presidential independent candidates from July to June. The bill did not affect the petition deadline for minor party nominee petitions. They continue to be due in July. Courts in […]

Libertarians Won 19 Partisan Elections on Nov. 8

The Libertarian Party won 19 partisan elections in Pennsylvania on November 8, 2005, not one, as reported earlier. They include 7 township auditors, one constable, on township supervisor, one planning commissioner, and 9 precinct elections officials.

Reform Party Gets No Judicial Relief from its Debt

In 2000, the Reform Party received $2,522,690 from the U.S. government to pay for its national presidential convention. It was entitled to this money because it had polled over 5% for president in 1996. In 2002, the Federal Election Commission audited the party, and determined that $333,588 was not properly spent, and should be returned […]