Monthly Archives: December 2005

No Independent Candidates Qualify in Illinois

No independent candidates for congress, or for state executive or legislative posts, will be on the Illinois ballot in November 2006 (there may be minor party candidates in Illinois in 2006, but that hasn’t been determined yet). In Illinois, independent candidates must file in December of the year before the election (unless they are running […]

New Kentucky Registration Data

Kentucky State Board of Elections has released the first-ever registration data for minor parties. The state totals as of Dec. 21, 2005, are 56 Libertarians, 20 Greens, 7 Constitution Party, 3 Reform Party, 533 independents. These figures are small because the regulation empowering the collection of this data only applies to registration forms filled out […]

Labor Party Begins First Petition to Qualify

The Labor Party was formed in 1990 by Tony Mazzocchi, but until this year, it never attempted to qualify as a political party in any state. However, a few weeks ago, the Labor Party launched a petition drive to qualify itself for the South Carolina ballot. The election law says these signatures are due six […]

Socialist Workers Hearing Date in Utah

A hearing will be held in US District Court in Utah on January 25, 2006, in International Assn. of United Workers Union v United Mine Workers of America. This is the case in which a company union is suing, among others, The Militant (newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party) for slander, concerning how The Militant […]

Reform Party Appeals FEC Fine

On December 20, the Reform Party appealed an order of the U.S. District Court in Florida that had ordered the party to repay $333,558 to the Federal Election Commission. FEC v Reform Party of USA.

Connecticut Poll

A poll for the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut was released by Rasmussen Polling Company. It shows 54% for incumbent Democrat Joseph Lieberman, 37% for potential independent candidate Lowell Weicker, 7% “other”, and 7% “not sure”. No Republican was named, since no one knows who the Republican nominee will be. The poll was taken on […]

New Postal Regulation on Petitioning

The U.S. Postal Service promulgated a new regulation on December 1, 2005, allowing petitioning on sidewalks that are parallel to streets. Petitioning on sidewalks that go from a parking lot to the door of the post office is still illegal, but the constitutionality of that ban is now back in U.S. District Court. The new […]