Monthly Archives: February 2006

Illinois Ballot Access Win in State Supreme Court

On February 27, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously affirmed a lower court order from December 2005, and left three incumbent judges on the ballot. The election law required them to file in December 2005, but the State Constitution sets a later filing deadline. The Illinois Supreme Court indicated it will write an opinion striking down […]

Nader Pennsylvania Hearing

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear “In re Nomination Paper of Nader” on March 1 in Pittsburgh. The issue is whether Ralph Nader should be required to pay attorneys fees of approximately $80,000. In Pennsylvania, when a candidate petition is challenged, the issue of whether the petition is valid goes immediately to court. Nader submitted […]

Ohio Independent Deadline Case

Lawrence v Blackwell, the lawsuit challenging the March 1 petition deadline for Ohio independent candidates (for office other than president) is now before the U.S. Supreme Court (05-1089). That court will probably decide in May whether to hear the case. This is the first ballot access case set before the U.S. Supreme Court (for their […]

Charlie Wilson, Ohio Democrat, to run Write-in Campaign

Ohio State Senator Charlie Wilson said on February 24 that he will be a write-in candidate in the May 2 Ohio Democratic primary for U.S. House, 6th district. He has two opponents for the nomination whose names will be on the ballot, but they have never been elected to any office and have little or […]

New Mexico Libertarians Gain a County Commissioner

On February 24, Paul Edward Trujillo, chair of the Valencia County Commission, changed his registration from “Democrat” to “Libertarian”. He is running for re-election this year and will run as a Libertarian.

9th Circuit Won't Strike Down Oregon Ban on Paying Circulators Per Signature

On February 22, the 9th circuit declined to strike down Oregon’s law, banning the practice of paying initiative circulators per signature. The court said “We do not hold that the law is facially constitutional. Rather, we hold that the district court did not clearly err in determining plaintiffs failed to establish that the law imposes […]

No Primary for Calif. Libertarian Party Officers This Year

Ever since the 1910’s decade, qualified political parties in California have chosen county party officers in their own primaries. However, in 2003, the legislature amended the law to provide that parties may abolish these elections if they wish. The Libertarian Party has become the first party to do so. The 2003 law change did not […]