Monthly Archives: April 2006

Door-to-Door Canvassers Need Not Register with Police, says 3rd circuit

On April 28, the 3rd circuit (which covers Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware) struck down a municipal ordinance in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The ordinance required people who go door-to-door for a political purpose to first check in with the police and identify themselves. Service Employees International Union v Municipality of Mt. Vernon, 04-4646. The lower […]

Vermont Senate Virtually Passes IRV Study Bill

On April 28, the Vermont Senate virtually passed SB 48, by voting to advance it to third reading. It asks the Secretary of State to explain how she would implement Instant-Runoff Voting, were it to be implemented. It is not clear that there is enough time left in the session for the bill to pass […]

Pennsylvania Independent for Governor at 16% in Rasmussen Poll

On April 29, Rasmussen Polls released a Pennsylvania gubernatorial poll, showing incumbent Democratic Governor Ed Rendell at 40%, Lynn Swann (Republican nominee, former football star) at 36%, independent Russ Diamond at 16%.

New York Libertarians Nominate William Weld for Governor

On April 29, the New York Libertarian Party nominated William Weld for Governor. Weld is a registered Republican. He had sought the Libertarian nomination. If he gets the Republican nomination as well, this will be the first time the Republican and Libertarian Parties have jointly run a nominee for any statewide office in any state. […]

Two More States Create Earlier Pres. Primaries

On April 27, Alabama’s HB 51 was signed into law, moving Alabama’s presidential primary from the first week in June, to the first week in February. On April 28, New Hampshire’s HB 1125 was signed into law. Although New Hampshire already has had the nation’s earliest presidential primary of any state, the new law gives […]

Ohio Asks for 2nd Time Extension

The Ohio petition deadline (for independent candidates other than presidential candidates) has been attacked in a cert petition filed in the US Supreme Court several months ago (Lawrence v Blackwell). Attorneys for the state have now asked for a 2nd extension of time in which to file a response. The Court already granted them 30 […]

New Idaho Party Organizes Boycott of Idaho's Largest Newspaper

Idaho’s largest newspaper, the Idaho Statesman (published in Boise), has a long-standing policy of refusing to mention minor party and independent candidates running for Idaho office during the primary season. Idaho’s primary is May 23 this year. The United Party has a very active campaign for U.S. House. Its nominee, Andy Hedden-Nicely, a former newspaper […]