Monthly Archives: May 2006

Unity08 Gets Publicity

On May 28, a group called Unity08 announced plans to choose an independent presidential candidate over the internet, and petition to get him or her on the November 2008 ballots. On May 31 the group was featured in the Washington Post and on the PBS News show Lehrer News Hour. The publicity was due to […]

Arkansas Greens Submit 18,000 Signatures

On May 30, the Arkansas Green Party submitted 18,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office, to qualify for party status. The statutory law requires slightly over 24,000 signatures. However, that law was declared unconstitutional in 1996. Arkansas appealed the 1996 ruling, but then dropped its own appeal, and now tries to pretend that the […]

Green Party on Virginia Ballot for US Senate

The Virginia Green Party has qualified its candidate for U.S. Senate. This is the first time the Green Party has completed a petition drive as difficult as 10,000 signatures anywhere in the South, except for the 2000 Green petitions in connection with the Nader campaign in Texas and Virginia in 2000. The Virginia Green Party […]

Judge Myron Thompson Upholds Alabama June 6 Deadline

On May 30, U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson, a Carter appointee, upheld Alabama’s June 6 petition deadline for minor parties and non-presidential independents. Swanson v Worley, 2:02cv644-T. The decision is only 7 pages long, and doesn’t even mention the two U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the issue of petition deadlines, Mandel v Bradley, and […]

Texas Greens Fail to Qualify

May 30 is the Texas deadline for minor party petitions this year. The Texas Green Party worked very hard, but only collected 26,584 signatures, so they won’t be on the Texas ballot this year. 45,253 are required this year.

California Assembly Passes Anti-Electoral College Bill

On May 30, the California Assembly passed AB 2948, by a vote of 42-25. AB 2948 is the bill being introduced around the U.S., in various state legislatures, that sets up an interstate compact. The compact would only go into effect after states containing a majority of electoral votes had joined. After that, states in […]

Tennessee Makes it Harder for Write-in Candidates to be Nominated in Primaries

Ironically, in the same year in which Ohio and Pennsylvania Democrats took advantage of the ability to win primaries by write-in votes, Tennessee Democrats were making it more difficult for anyone to be nominated by write-in votes at primaries. On May 27 (Saturday), the last day of the Tennessee 2006 legislative session, a bill pushed […]