Monthly Archives: June 2006

Anti-Fusion Bill Fails in Delaware

Delaware House Bill 10, which would have outlawed fusion, failed to pass, and the legislature has now gone home for the year.

Indiana US Senate race this year between a Republican and a Libertarian

No Democrat will be on the November ballot this year for US Senate in Indiana. The only two candidates listed will be a Republican and a Libertarian. This is the eleventh time in the last 16 years in which one of the major parties had not nominated in a US Senate race. The other instances […]

Alabama Legislature Accidentally Moved Petition Deadline from June to February

In April 2006, the Alabama legislature passed HB 51, which was intended to move the presidential primary from June to February. However, the bill was drafted so that it actually moves the primary for all office, not just president, to February. Since the petition deadline for minor parties and independents candidates (other than president) is […]

Ohio Libertarian, Green Gubernatorial Candidates On the Ballot

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office has determined that both the Green and Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidates have enough valid signatures on their petitions. Each needed 5,000 valid signatures and turned in double that amount. Each will have the label “Other-party candidate” on the November ballot, instead of the label of their party. However, a […]

Bill Slightly Improving Pennsylvania Ballot Access Passes Committee

Pennsylvania HB 2830, which sets a cap on the number of signatures required for statewide minor party and independent candidates (45,000) passed the State House Government Committee on June 29. The bill has other unrelated provisions, and would take effect this year.

Illinois Independent Congressional Candidate Kept Off Ballot by Trickery, Sues Democrats

On June 29, Bill Scheuer, the Moderate Party candidate for U.S. House, Illinois 8th district, sued the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and various individuals, for fraud. Scheuer had laboriously collected 13,000 signatures to get on the November ballot. Since the legal requirement was almost 14,000, he had also contracted with an individual who promised to […]

Democrats Move Toward Approving Earlier Presidential Primaries, Caucuses

On June 22 the national Democratic Party’s Rules Committee voted to authorize one or two presidential primaries or caucuses before the New Hampshire presidential primary. The Committee will decide on July 22 or July 23 which state or states will be allowed to go earlier. The July meeting will also set dates for these states.