Monthly Archives: August 2006

3-Way Idaho US House Debate

The Idaho League of Women Voters’ debate for Idaho’s First Congressional District will include the United Party nominee, as well as the Democratic and Republican nominees. It will be held on October 24.

Illinois Board of Elections Postpones Decision on Socialist Equality Petition

On August 31, the Illinois State Bd. of Elections deadlocked along party lines, on whether to certify Socialist Equality Party candidate Joe Parnarauskis for the November ballot. He is running for state senate, 52nd district. He submitted 4,991 signatures. The law requires 5% of the last vote cast. However, the law isn’t clear about whether […]

Ohio Sued Over New Law that Requires Naturalized Citizens to Bring Naturalization Papers to Polling Place

On August 29, a group of naturalized citizens, and several organizations that support them, sued in U.S. District Court to overturn an Ohio law passed last year. That law requires naturalized citizens to bring their naturalization papers with them when they vote at the polls, to avoid a challenge. The lawsuit points out that most […]

Greens Officially on Illinois Statewide Ballot

On August 31, the Illinois Bd. of Elections unanimously certified the statewide Green Party petition. Also, in North Dakota, the Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate has 1,300 signatures, and since only 1,000 are needed, and since North Dakota has no voter registration, he is safely on the ballot. This means that every state that […]

Maryland League of Women Voters Takes Heat for 15% Debate Exclusion Rule

The Maryland League of Women Voters is hosting a televised debate for two candidates for the U.S. Senate Democratic nomination, on the evening of August 31. On August 30, three other Democratic candidates for that nomination held a protest in front of the League’s headquarters. The three protesting candidates pointed out that if the League […]

Noted Election Law Professor Suggests that Supreme Court Should Re-Think Storer v Brown

Law Professor Rick Hasen of Loyola Law School (Los Angeles) writes the nation’s foremost election law blog, and is one of the two co-founders of the Election Law Journal. He wrote a guest column for on August 30, and suggested that the U.S. Supreme Court should rethink its 1974 election law decision, Storer v […]

Colorado Libertarians Lose Party Rights Case; Will Appeal

On August 30, a lower state court ruled that even though major parties in Colorado can nominate candidates who haven’t been a member of that party for a year, qualified minor parties do not have the same right. The decision means that the Libertarian Party nominee for Sheriff of Arapahoe County is off the ballot. […]