3-Way Idaho US House Debate

The Idaho League of Women Voters’ debate for Idaho’s First Congressional District will include the United Party nominee, as well as the Democratic and Republican nominees. It will be held on October 24.

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  1. Thanks to the local Anti Iraq Occupation folks and the Natural Law Party/ United Party activists for their kindness at Veterans Park in Bosie on Hiroshima Day (August 6th). In Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Mexico to Canada and back ‘Wild West Tour 2006’ the ceremonies off of State Street were one of our high lights in the 5000 Kilometer (3600 Mile) month long troup for Andrew Hedden-Nicely and other independent/ centrist/ anti establishment types in Idaho, Oregon, and California.

    Any one who cannot stand Mister Hollywood Hype (Der Adolph Schwartz En Faker) or Mister Decocrat As Usual (Philip Who?) please contact Eric “Moose” Mahoney and encourage this Los Angeles Unified teacher to go ‘Write In’ for November!


    Debate flap – To Risch: ‘Show Up’; LaRocco: ‘Shut Up’

    BLOG ENTRY: THURSDAY, AUG. 31, 2006 / / / In the Idaho lieutentant governor’s race, both the Democrat, Larry LaRocco, and the Republican, Gov. Jim Risch, come off looking pretty bad in the brouhaha over their participation in the League of Women Voters debates.

    You’ll recall that Risch was seeking a format change where the candidates would appear separately. To the League’s credit, that request was denied. Now, according to the Associated Press, LaRocco, thinking that’s the smell of blood, is screaming at Risch to meet tomorrow’s deadline for confirmation of his appearance in the televised forum co-organized by the LWV, the Idaho Press Club and Idaho Public Television, which will air the debate broadcasts. Shrilled LaRocca: “It’s time for him to put up or shut up,” the AP quoted him as saying.

    From an independent candidate’s perspective (ours), all this comes off as a joke. The Republicans and the Democrats have open invitations to these events. But even to get into the debate, our campaign had to jump through a series of hoops held by the League. Again to it’s credit, the League actively sought us out, consulted and even encouraged us during the process. We wouldn’t think of telling the organizers how to run things, especially in light of their track record of contributing to Idaho’s political debate. We’re just happy to get a chance to get our views before the voters.

    Elinor Chehey, who is LWV coordinator for the debates, said 18 candidates in seven key races will be put before the public in the weeks leading up to the election. Why would one guy, just because he’s the current governor(?), think he could dictate terms over such an important event? Risch should join the party, and LaRocco should just shut up.

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