Monthly Archives: September 2006

California Governor Vetoes Electoral College Bill

On September 30, California Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 2948. See 3 posts down for a description of the bill.

Media Believes Senator Lieberman Injured by Ballot Placement

Connecticut, like most states, does not treat all candidates equally, on the matter of ballot position. Major party nominees are automatically placed in the best spots on the ballot; then come previously qualified minor parties; then new parties; then independent candidates. A minority of states, including all states in the 8th circuit, do give each […]

New Hampshire Court Upsets Alphabet Plan

On September 28, a lower New Hampshire state court invalidated the Secretary of State’s plan for a fairer order of candidates on the ballot. Back in August, the State Supreme Court had ruled that all candidates must have an equal chance for the best spot on the ballot. This affected the order of party columns, […]

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Electoral College Bill

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 2948 on Saturday, September 30. This is the bill that would have authorized California to join a compact with other willing states. Once states containing a majority of electoral votes had signed the compact, these states would pledge to appoint presidential electors pledged to the national popular vote winner.

Strange Florida Law on Late Vacancies

On September 29, Florida Congressman Mark Foley resigned his seat and withdrew as a candidate for re-election, even though he had won the Florida Republican primary on September 5. Under Florida law, his name will remain on the November ballot. However, if the voters elect him, the actual winner will be the individual (whose name […]

Nader Sues Ohio over Restriction on Who can Circulate

On September 29, 2006, Ralph Nader filed a lawsuit against Ohio’s law that requires circulators to be registered voters. The Ohio law on this subject is clearly unconstitutional, because in 1999 the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled that states cannot require initiative circulators to be registered voters. Nader v Blackwell, 2:06cv821. The case is not […]

Pennsylvania Has 3 Soon-to-be-Resolved Ballot Access Cases Pending

Pennsylvania courts are mulling over three issues, all related to whether the Green Party statewide nominees will be on this year’s ballot: (1) the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will soon decide how many valid signatures are needed this year for statewide office; (2) the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was asked to decide (on September 29) whether the […]