Monthly Archives: October 2006

Political Scientist Estimates 39% Voter Turnout This Year

Political Science Professor Michael McDonald, who studies voter turnout in the U.S., estimates 39% of the potential electorate will vote in the November 7, 2006 election. That is only about a 10% improvement, compared to November 2002, when about 36% voted. Note that “potential electorate” means all adults who could register and vote if they […]

Max Linn Wins Court Order for Debate, Only Hours Before Debate Starts

Max Linn, who was kept out of last week’s Florida gubernatorial debate by a State Court of Appeals, won a federal court order today at approximately 5 p.m. He then participated in tonight’s debate, which was sponsored by MSNBC. Linn’s new lawsuit had first been filed in state court in Hillsborough County (Tampa), but attorneys […]

Zogby Poll Shows Smither is Far From Winning

A Zogby poll for the US House race, 22nd district, shows that Libertarian hopes of actually electing a member of the US House seem wildly optimistic. This is the district represented by Tom DeLay until April of this year. The poll shows that Bob Smither, the Libertarian, is only at 5%, even though his only […]

Missouri Polls

Missouri has two statewide offices on the ballot. A poll conducted for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and KMOV-TV, released October 30, shows these results: US Senate: Republican 47%, Democratic 47%, Libertarian 2%, other and undecided 4% (a Green is also on the ballot). Auditor: Democratic 45%, Republican 40%, Libertarian 2%, Green 1%, undecided 12%. Missouri […]

Voters in 9 States Voting on Election Law Changes

Voters in 9 states are voting on ballot measures that would alter election laws. Instant-Runoff Voting is being considered in two cities in California (Oakland and Davis), Minneapolis, and Pierce County, Washington (which includes Tacoma). Massachusetts is voting on whether to legalize fusion and make it easier for minor parties to remain ballot-qualified. Rhode Island […]

6th Circuit Blocks Lower Court Stay on Ohio ID for Absentees

Federal courts in Ohio took the rare action of issuing orders on a weekend, October 28-29. As reported earlier, a U.S. District Court had blocked Ohio’s law on ID for absentee voters. One reason for this is that Ohio drivers licenses have two distinct numbers on them, one in large print and one in small […]

Wyoming Libertarian for Congress at 5% in Poll

The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle published a poll on October 29 for the U.S. House seat. The results: Republican Barbara Cubin 44%, Democrat Gary Trauner 40%, Libertarian Thomas Rankin 5%, undecided 11%. The Libertarian Party is the only party that has been on the ballot for US House in Wyoming since 1988. The party’s past showings for […]