Monthly Archives: November 2006

Utah Makes Headway in Drawing a New District

The Utah legislature’s Districting Committee settled on boundaries for a 4th seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, on November 29. The Utah Districting Committee is composed of 5 State Senators and 7 Representatives. It exists solely for the task of dividing up the state from 3 U.S. House districts, to 4 districts. The Utah […]

More US Supreme Court News

The post made earlier on November 30 discusses U.S. Supreme Court involvement with ballot access cases, or with cases that have ballot access implications. But there are several other interesting election law cases pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Initiative & Referendum Institute is hoping to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its […]

US Supreme Court Suddenly Receives Many Election Law Cert Petitions

During August and September 2006, five ballot-access-related cases were decided by US Courts of Appeals, and one was decided by a State Supreme Court. Since the losing side is permitted to ask for U.S. Supreme Court review, three months after the lower court decision, now is the time when the three months is running out. […]

Kentucky Minor Party Registration is Small, but Increasing

Only in the last year has Kentucky been keeping a tally of how many voters are registered as members of minor parties. Furthermore, when Kentucky started tallying this information, it excluded the voters who had always been registered in minor parties, and only started counting people who had registered in them after the policy started. […]

Romanelli Hearing in Commonwealth Court Set

On December 14, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court will hold a hearing at 1:30 pm. The issue is whether Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli (who had tried to get on the ballot for U.S. Senate) should be required to pay almost $90,000 in court costs. In Pennsylvania, uniquely among the 50 states, when a candidate’s petition […]

Green Outpolls Conservative in Ontario By-Election

On November 27, Canada held a special election to fill a vacant seat in Parliament. For the first time, a Green Party nominee placed second, outpolling two parties that regularly elect members to the Canadian Parliament. The election was in London-North-Centre, Ontario Province. The district has a large student population. The University of Western Ontario […]

Democrats Win Control of Pennsylvania State House of Representatives

On November 28, elections officials in Pennsylvania finished two recounts for State House of Representatives. The results show that Democrats have the narrowest possible margin in the House. There will be 102 Democrats and 101 Republicans when the new State House convenes. This result is somewhat surprising, since the tallies on election night showed Republicans […]