Monthly Archives: December 2006

Two Oklahoma Democratic Legislators Want to Repeal Straight-Ticket Device

Oklahoma State Senator Kenneth Corn, and State Representative Neil Brannon have said they will introduce a bill in 2007 to repeal Oklahoma’s straight-ticket ballot device. Both are Democrats. The Oklahoma legislature won’t convene until February 5, 2007. That makes at least 4 states in which attempts will be made to end straight-ticket devices. The others […]

Libertarian Party Turns in Maryland Petition

The Maryland Libertarian Party has finished its petition drive to be back on the ballot, and submitted the petition. This is the fifth petition that has been submitted around the USA in the last thtree months, to gain or regain party status. The others have been the Constitution Party in North Dakota, the Green Party […]

Error-Prone NY Times Again Mislabels Jesse Ventura

On December 29, 2006, the New York Times repeated a factual error that it has repeated many times in the past. In an article titled “In Minnesota Shift, Case Study for National Political Shake-up”, reporter Kirk Johnson says that Jesse Ventura was elected Governor in 1998 as an independent. The truth is that the Reform […]

New Jersey Attorney General Belatedly Asks Court for More Time to Respond to Minor Party Lawsuit

The lawsuit filed on October 13, 2006 against certain New Jersey election laws has never received a response from attorneys for the state. Finally, on December 26, attorneys for the state asked the court for a 30 day extension to answer the complaint. The case challenges several aspects of New Jersey law that discriminate against […]

Independent Party Submits Signatures in Oregon

A new party in Oregon, called the Independent Party, turned in approximately 26,000 signatures on December 6, 2006. The state will know if the party has enough valid signatures by January 20, 2007 or so. The Independent Party seems to be either centrist or somewhat “progressive” and wants to stiffen Oregon campaign finance laws. It […]

Oklahoma Ballot Access Case Moves a Step Further

Libertarian Party Organization v Clingman, the ballot access case filed by the Oklahoma Libertarian Party in 2004, has moved a baby step closer to resolution. It is pending in the State Court of Appeals. That Court has just assigned the case to the Tulsa Division. A hearing date and the identity of exactly which 3 […]

Missouri Clean Water Commission Must Contain One Independent or Minor Party Member

In 2002, the Missouri Clean Water Commission was expanded from 6 members to 7 members. Unchanged at that time was an earlier law, that no more than 3 members of any political party sit on that Commission. Recently the Sierra Club noticed that the Missouri Water Commission has 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats, and brought […]