Monthly Archives: March 2007

Idaho Bill for Registration by Party Loses

On March 30, the Idaho Senate defeated S1244, which would have launched a system in which voters register into political parties. Information about how many Senators voted for or against isn’t available yet.

Texas Ballot Access Bill Isn't Dead After All

An earlier posting said that the chair of the Texas House Elections Committee had refused to schedule a hearing on HB 2280, the bill to eliminate the “primary screen-out”. Happily, he has changed his mind, and set a hearing for Wednesday, April 4. “Primary screen-out” means making it illegal for a primary voter to sign […]

Colorado Ballot Access Bill Passes 2nd Reading in Senate

On March 30, Colorado SB 83 passed the Senate on 2nd reading. It is expected to pass on third reading on April 2. It permits any adult citizen to circulate any type of petition (except that primary petitions would still need to be circulated by party members). Current law does not permit anyone to circulate […]

National Popular Vote Plan Likely to Pass Maryland Legislature on April 2

The Maryland House is expected to pass SB634/HB148 on Monday, April 2. These are identical bills to implement the “National Popular Vote Plan”. On March 30, the House defeated all the amendments that had been introduced to sidetrack the plan, such as bills to simply study the plan.

Huge Gain for Illinois Ballot Access

On March 30, the Illinois State Senate passed SB733, which lowers petition requirements for independent candidates, and for the nominees of unqualified parties. Existing law requires statewide candidates to get 25,000, but the bill drops this to 5,000. Existing law requires district and county candidates to submit petitions of 5% of the last vote cast, […]

Hearing Held on Rhode Island Bill to Ease Definition of "Party"

On March 28, the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on HB 5466. It would ease the definition of “Political Party”. Currently, a party is a group that either submitted a petition to qualify itself, or a group that polled 5% for President or Governor at either of the last two elections. The bill […]

Rhode Island Bills to Abolish Straight-Ticket Device

On March 28, the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a bill to abolish the straight-ticket device. It is HB5508; an identical bill in the Senate is SB744. Many witnesses criticized the device and no one defended it. The committee will study the issue and vote next month.