Monthly Archives: April 2007

Colorado House Moves Caucus from March to February

Colorado has no presidential primary. All parties choose delegates to national conventions by caucus. On April 30, the Colorado House passed HB 1376 on 2nd reading. It moves the caucus date from March, to February 5. Most states with caucuses don’t try to tell parties when to hold their caucuses, but Colorado does.

Another Flaw in Missouri HB894

This blog and also the written May 1 newsletter have already criticized Missouri HB 894 for requiring independent presidential candidates to file a declaration of candidacy in March. That violates Anderson v Celebrezze. HB 894, an omnibus election law bill, also has another unconstitutional provision. It says “any person who files as a candidate to […]

Stanhope to Announce for Libertarian Nomination on Howard Stern Show

Comedian Doug Stanhope is expected to announce on May 3 that he will seek the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. This announcement is likely to be on Howard Stern’s show. Stanhope has been publicly supporting the Libertarian Party since 2004.

Kansas Won't Have Presidential Primary in 2008

The Kansas legislature, meeting over the weekend of April 28-29, dropped the appropriation for a presidential primary in 2008, so the major parties will use caucuses instead of a primary. The outcome is a disappointment to U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, who is from Kansas and who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. If Kansas had […]

New York Governor Asks Legislature to Lower Petition Requirements

On April 26, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announced a package of bills to improve election laws. Included in the package are proposals to “reduce the number of signatures required for designating and nominating petitions, provide automatic ballot access for presidential candidates in primaries who qualify for federal matching funds, and eliminate restrictive and unnecessary […]

Washington Democrats Will Use February Caucus, Rather than May Presidential Primary

On Sunday, April 29, the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Washington state voted to use a caucus to choose delegates to the national convention. The caucus will be on February 9, 2008. This means that Washington state’s presidential primary, at least for the Democrats, will be just a “beauty contest” with no […]

Still no Solution to Rick Jore Recount $$ Problem

The Montana legislature adjourned for the year without passing any bill to reform who pays, when a recount is held. In 2004, the official election returns showed that Constitution Party nominee Rick Jore had tied with the Democratic nominee for a seat in the State House of Representatives. Under Montana law, a tie meant that […]