Monthly Archives: May 2007

Second California IRV Bill Passes Assembly Appropriations Committee

Two California bills that expand use of ranked-choice voting are moving along. On May 31, the Assembly Appropriations Committee passed AB 1662, which lets overseas absentee voters use ranked-choice ballots when they are voting in elections which have the potential for a run-off. Thus, the overseas absentees voters are permitted to vote fully, with only […]

Alabama Legislature Passes February Presidential Primary Bill

On May 31, the Alabama legislature passed HB358. It moves the presidential primary from June to February 5. The legislature had passed a similar bill last year, but it didn’t go into effect because the state didn’t send it in to the federal Voting Rights office for approval. The state didn’t send in the 2006 […]

Illinois Senate Passes National Popular Vote Plan

On May 31, the Illinois Senate passed HB 1685, the National Popular Vote Plan for presidential elections. The vote was 37-22. The bill had previously passed the Illinois House, but since the Senate amended it slightly, it must return to the House. Some individuals say they are opposed to the National Popular Vote Plan because […]

South Carolina Government May Pay for Presidential Primaries

South Carolina has long been the only state in which political parties pay for, and administer, their own presidential primaries. However, a bill is likely to pass to provide that the government should pay for them and administer them. Senate Bill 99 passed the Senate by voice vote on April 20. It was amended slightly […]

Massachusetts Election-Day Registration Hearing

On May 30, the Massachusetts Joint Election Laws Committee heard testimony on HB646 and SB446. No one testified against the bills. They would legalize election-day registration. Elections officials from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Maine all testified that it works well in their states. Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin also testified in favor, although he warned […]

Idaho Republican Party May Pass Bylaw Closing Primary

The Idaho Republican Party Central Committee meets June 2 in Burley, Idaho. On the agenda is a proposal to pass a party bylaw, saying only members of the party may vote in its primary. If this bylaw proposal passes, the party would then bring a lawsuit to enforce it.

US House Vote on HR 811 Likely in Early June

Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) expects a US House of Representatives vote on HR 811 soon after Congress re-convenes on Tuesday, June 5. HR 811 outlaws vote-counting machines that don’t leave a paper trail.