Monthly Archives: June 2007

Delaware Anti-Fusion Bill Loses in House by 2 Votes

On Saturday night at 11:04 pm (June 30), the Delaware House defeated HB 177 by 17-19. The bill would have outlawed fusion. The bill became was of the most contentious fights during the last day of the session. For more about the fight over this bill, see The Democratic Party legislative leadership was determined […]

Delaware Bill to Outlaw Fusion is Almost Certainly Dead

The Delaware legislature only has one more day before it adjourns for the year. HB 177, which would have outlawed fusion, has not passed the House yet, nor the Senate. It is virtually certain to die. Advocates of fusion worked hard to defeat the bill.

Iowa Voter Registration Case Finally Over

On June 27, the lawsuit filed by the Iowa Libertarian and Green Parties in 2005 was finally settled, without any need for a judicial decision. The State has agreed to let voters register into any unqualified party that (1) submits 850 signatures; (2) has placed candidates on the ballot in the last ten years. Iowa […]

Minnesota Secretary of State Sets Up Ranked Choice Voting Issue Group

The Minnesota Secretary of State has set up a Ranked Choice Voting Issues Group. The panel had its first meeting on June 27. The group’s goal is to assist cities in Minnesota that desire to use Instant-Runoff Voting and other alternate vote systems. Perhaps one inspiration for the Secretary of State’s action is to avoid […]

New Hampshire Now Ready for Complete Flexibility in Setting Presidential Primary Date

On June 25, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch signed HB 272. It gives the Secretary of State even more flexibility to set the date of the presidential primary than he had had before. The new law not only lets him set the date of the primary itself, but also lets him sets the dates for […]

Michigan Bill for January Presidential Primary

On June 27, a group of four Michigan Republican State Senators, including the Majority Leader of the Senate, introduced SB624. It provides for a January 29 presidential primary in 2008. It also says that if the parties that are qualified to hold a presidential primary jointly desire a different date, their wishes shall prevail. It […]

California Assembly Committee Passes Bill for Iraq War Referendum

On June 27, the California Assembly Elections Committee passed SB 924. The vote was 5-2. It provides that the Secretary of State will place an advisory question on the February 2008 ballot, asking voters their view of U.S. policy in Iraq. The bill had already passed the Senate.