Monthly Archives: July 2007

Three U.S. Senators Will Introduce Bill to Federalize Primary & Caucus Dates

On July 31, U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota), Joe Lieberman (Independent Dem-Connecticut) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) said they will introduce a bill, to determine when presidential primaries and caucuses should be held. The bill has not yet been introduced. The bill would divide the U.S. into 4 regions (west, south, midwest and east). A lottery […]

Oklahoma Ballot Access Meeting

OKIES (Oklahoma Coalition of Independents), the parent group of Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform (OBAR), is holding a meeting in Oklahoma City on Sunday, August 5, at 4 pm. The location is the Oklahoma City Downtown Library, 300 Park Ave., the Jim Thorpe Room. The proposed initiative to ease the ballot access laws will be […]

Ed Thompson Considering Seeking Libertarian Presidential Nomination

According to Steve Gordon’s blog, Ed Thompson may seek the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. See here. Also thanks to ThirdPartyWatch.

Connecticut Drops Old-Fashioned Mechanical Voting Machines

On July 31, Connecticut’s Secretary of State announced that no mechanical “lever” voting machines will be used anywhere in the state in the future. This leaves New York as the only state which still expects to use mechanical “lever” voting machines in the future. The old mechanical machines have been rejected because they don’t leave […]

Federal Government Slow to Compile 2006 Election Returns

Two agencies of the federal government always publish compilations of the vote for candidates for Congress. Since 1920 the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives has been doing so, and since 1976 the Federal Election Commission has also done so. The Clerk’s publication is called “Statistics of the Congressional Election of (such-and-such a date)” […]

North Carolina Legislature Probably Adjourns August 2

The North Carolina legislature will probably adjourn on Thursday evening, August 2. It is still possible, but very unlikely, that either bill affecting the electoral college will pass. The two bills are SB 353 (each US House district chooses its own elector) and SB 954 (National Popular Vote plan).

Illinois Election Law Bills Likely to be Extended

According to an employee of the Illinois legislature, the two interesting election law bills that were supposed to have been passed by July 31, will each get an extension into August. The bills are HB 1685 (the National Popular Vote Plan for presidential elections) and HB 1752 (timid ballot access reform). Since the Illinois legislature […]