Monthly Archives: August 2007

Michigan Democratic Party Says it Will Use Presidential Primary

On August 31, the Michigan Democratic Party announced it will choose national convention delegates at the January 15 presidential primary (the bill moving the state’s primary passed yesterday, although the Governor still hasn’t signed it). This sets up a confrontation between the Michigan Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee, in which Michigan Democrats will […]

California National Popular Vote Bill Postponed Until 2008

SB 37, the California National Popular Vote Plan bill, will not be brought up in the Assembly until next year. California legislative sessions last for two years, so the bill won’t need to start all over again. It passed the Senate several months ago. The sponsors feel that the controversy over a proposed Republican-backed initiative, […]

Two Montana Minor Party Gubernatorial Candidates Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Debates Case

In 2004, the last time Montana elected a governor, there were four candidates on the November ballot, the nominees of the Democratic, Republican, Green and Libertarian Parties. The Montana University System sponsored a gubernatorial candidate’s debate and only invited the two major party nominees. The Green Party gubernatorial candidate, Robert Kelleher, who was also an […]

Florida Democratic Party Official Sues Democratic National Committee Over Delegates to National Convention

On August 30, a member of the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Democratic National Committee. The lawsuit attacks the National Committee’s rule barring Florida from having any delegates to the 2008 national convention. It is DiMaio v Democratic National Committee, in U.S. District Court, Middle District, no. […]

Anti-Initiative Bill Will Get Vote in California Assembly Next Week

State Senator Jenny Oropeza plans ask the California Assembly to pass SB 408 next week. The bill makes it illegal for anyone to circulate a statewide initiative, unless that person had been registered to vote (or had been eligible to be registered to vote) at the time of the previous election. This would make it […]

US Supreme Court Puts Indiana Voter Photo-ID Case on September 24 Conference

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether to hear Indiana Democratic Party v Rokita, 07-25, at its September 24 conference. This is the case challenging the Indiana law that requires voters at the polls to show government photo-ID. The 7th circuit had upheld that law by a vote of 2-1. September 24 is also the […]

Michigan Legislature Passes January 15 Primary Bill

On August 30, the Michigan legislature passed SB 624, which says that the presidential primary will be on January 15. The Governor is expected to sign it. However, Michigan Democrats may decide not to use the primary, and use caucuses instead.