Monthly Archives: September 2007

Arizona Newspapers Cover Libertarian Primary Decision

See for an Arizona daily newspaper story about Thursday’s court decision about who can vote in primaries.

West Virginia Secretary of State Grapples With Partisan Affiliation of Presidential Candidates

Since 1991, West Virginia has had an election law that says candidates (other than independent candidates) must be registered members of the party that nominates them. On September 17, the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office informed the Mountain Party that if it wants to nominate a presidential candidate in 2008, that candidate must be […]

Arizona Libertarians Win Lawsuit Over Who Can Vote in Party Primary

On September 27, a U.S. District Court in Arizona ruled in favor of the Libertarian Party, in a case that the party had filed in 2002. Arizona Libertarian Party v Brewer, 02-144-TUC. A link to the opinion is here. The decision says that if a party doesn’t want independents to vote in its primary, it […]

Judge Puts Berkeley Initiative on Future Ballot

On September 27, a Superior Court in Alameda County, California, ruled that Berkeley’s Measure R must be placed on the ballot in November 2008. It had been on the ballot in November 2004 and had been defeated by a very narrow margin. When backers of the initiative asked for a recount, it turned out that […]

California Republican Initiative Gives Up

According to this story, backers of a California initiative to let each U.S. House district elect its own elector have dropped their plans to qualify that initiative for the ballot. Lack of funds is the chief cause.

California Republican Initiative on Electoral College Starts Circulating

According to this newspaper story, the proposed initiative to provide that each California U.S. House district choose its own elector has started circulating. Democrats have denounced it loudly, but no Democrat seems to suggest that Democrats might circulate similar initiatives in “red” states. 17 states that voted for George W. Bush in both 2000 and […]

GOOOH Endorses Ron Paul Ballot Access Bill

On September 24, GOOOH (Get Out of Our House!) endorsed HR 3600, the congressional bill to outlaw restrictive ballot access laws in congressional elections. Ron Paul had endorsed it on September 19. The bill has now been introduced in 9 sessions of Congress. GOOOH is a new organization that wants to run, or to endorse, […]