Monthly Archives: October 2007

Unity08 Revamps Its Own Web Page

Unity08 has completely revamped its own web page. The address is the same: The new page reveals that Unity08 has decided to use the independent procedure, rather than the new party procedure, in California, Alabama and Idaho. In all 3 states, the independent presidential procedures are easier than the new party procedures.

California Republican Electoral College Initiative Revives

According to this story in the Riverside, California Press-Enterprise, wealthy Congressman Darrell Issa of San Diego County has agreed to pay to get an initiative on the California June 2008 ballot. That initiative would provide that each U.S. House district elect its own elector. The initiative already collected 100,000 signatures in August, then had been […]

Houston Chronicle Gives Socialist Workers Party Some Publicity

The Houston, Texas mayoral race is on November 6, 2007. It is non-partisan. There are 3 candidates on the ballot: incumbent Bill White, Socialist Workers Party member Amanda Ulman, and professional wrestling promoter Outlaw Josey Wales IV. The Houston Chronicle ran this story on October 28 about the race. The Mayor has raised over $2,000,000 […]

R.I. Legislature Passes Bill to Move Presidential Primary from March to February

The Rhode Island legislature had adjourned for the year in June. However, on October 30, they came back for a one-day session, to consider whether they wished to override any gubernatorial vetoes. In a surprise move, the legislature also used its one-day session to pass S1152, which moves the presidential primary from March to February. […]

Nader Sues Democratic National Committee for 2004 Dirty Tricks

On October 30, Ralph Nader, Peter Camejo, and six voters who wanted to vote for Nader in 2004, filed a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee. The lawsuit, Nader v Democratic National Committee, 2007ca-7245B, was filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court. The complaint is 70 pages long. It details the national Democratic Party’s […]

"Clean Elections" New Jersey Libertarian Fails to Get Injunctive Relief

New Jersey has a pilot program in this year’s legislative elections. Candidates in 3 particular legislative districts (but no other districts) could qualify for public funding, if they received $5 contributions from 400 voters in their district. One Libertarian, Jason Scheurer, in one of those 3 districts, did qualify, as did his major party opponents. […]

Florida Court Says Write-in Candidates are Real Candidates

On October 29, a Florida state court ruled that a declared write-in candidate is just as much a candidate as someone who is listed on the ballot. Florida’s Constitution says that when the only candidates running for a partisan office are from the same party, and the winner of the primary will have no opposition […]