Monthly Archives: December 2007

Alan Keyes Files for Texas Republican Primary

On December 31, Alan Keyes paid his $2,500 filing fee to be on the Texas Republican presidential primary ballot. That ballot now has 9 candidates on it. Fred Thompson still hasn’t filed, but he is free to do so on January 2, the deadline.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Issues Helpful Ballot Access Ruling

On December 28, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court construed one particular state law favorably to ballot access, in the case titled In re: Nomination Petition of Paulmier, no. 172 EAL 2007. The issue was a provision in the Pennsylvania Ethics Act that requires candidates for state and local office to reveal the sources of their income. […]

Mississippi Governor Appoints a New U.S. Senator; Court Battle Likely Over Special Election

On December 31, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a Republican, appointed fellow Republican Roger Wicker to the vacant U.S. Senate seat. Wicker is the current Congressman from the 1st district (the northeast part of the state). Mississippi election law is not clear. Jim Hood, Attorney General, says since the vacancy occurred in 2007, there must be […]

Virginia Greens Choose Stand-in Presidential Candidate

The Virginia Green Party (which is affiliated with the national Green Party) is preparing to get on the 2008 ballot for president. Virginia is one of the eleven “bad” states in which an unqualified party can’t get on the ballot, except by means of a petition that lists a candidate. Fortunately, Virginia allows stand-ins. The […]

Glenn Greenwald Salon Article on Bloomberg Foreign Policy Beliefs

This article appeared on on December 31. The author researched what Mayor Mike Bloomberg has said and done about foreign policy issues during this decade. Thanks to Jack Ross for this.

Four Parties So Far Tell Texas They Will Try to Qualify

Four parties have told the Texas Secretary of State that they will try to qualify for the 2008 ballot: Green, New American Independent, Reform, and Texas Independence. The deadline for filing this form is Wednesday, January 2. Unity08 has indicated it will also file this form, but it has not done so yet. The Libertarian […]

Socialist Workers Party's Description of Ron Paul Movement

The latest issue of The Militant (weekly newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party) has this article about Ron Paul and the people who support him.