Monthly Archives: January 2008

Bloomberg Seems to Say Clearly that He Won't Run for President This Year

On January 31, Mayor Bloomberg said not only that he is not a candidate for president, but that he will not become a candidate for president. See this story. Thanks to Thomas Jones.

Ron Paul Campaign Files Complaint Over Counting Louisiana Caucus Votes

On January 25, the Ron Paul campaign filed a complaint with the Louisiana Republican Party over the confusion in the party’s caucus procedures. See this story. Thanks to Steve Rankin.

Reform Institute Releases Study on Presidential Ballot Access

The Reform Institute, associated somewhat with U.S. Senator John McCain, released “Presidential Ballot Access: A State by State Scorecard” on January 30. The 70-page report can be seen here. The Report condemns restrictive ballot access laws, and for that, it is praiseworthy. Unfortunately, the state-by-state pages are massively inaccurate. The only accurate pages are for […]

West Virginia Senate Committee Defeats National Popular Vote Plan

On January 29, the West Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee defeated SB 52, the National Popular Vote Plan bill. Thanks to Ed Still for this news.

Missouri House Committees Pass Restrictive Ballot Access Bill

On January 23, the Missouri House Urban Education Reform Committee passed HB 1310. On January 30, the Missouri House Rules Committee also passed it. It requires independent candidates, for all office, to file a declaration of candidacy in March of election years. Since the bill does not exempt presidential independents, it is unconstitutional under both […]

New Hampshire Bill Would Make it More Difficult for Write-in Candidates in Primary to Get a Party Nomination

Current New Hampshire law permits write-ins in primaries. The law also says that any write-in candidate in a primary who gets the most votes for a particular office, and who gets at least 10 write-ins, is nominated. HB 1204 would raise that to a minimum of 35 write-in votes. Although it may sound trivial to […]

Utah Senate Passes Bill to Force Write-in Candidates to Pay Filing Fee

On January 29, the Utah Senate unanimously passed SB 126, which requires declared write-in candidates to pay the same filing fee that ballot-listed candidates must pay. Such laws have been held unconstitutional in other states, in every instance. The U.S. Supreme Court said in both 1972 and 1974 that the only legitimate purpose of filing […]