Monthly Archives: February 2008

Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich Way Ahead for Reelection

Polls released yesterday and today show that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are well ahead in their reelection campaigns. Both polls were conducted by Public Policy Polling. Ron Paul leads his only GOP opponent, Chris Peden, 63-30%. He has no Democratic Party opponent. Dennis Kucinich leads his Democratic opponents with 55%, over 29% for Joe […]

Nader Picks Matt Gonzalez for VP, Former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President

Today, Ralph Nader chose Matt Gonzalez as his running mate. Gonzales is the former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He was one of the highest-level Green Party elected official. Gonzalez ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of San Francisco in 2003. He did not run for reelection and left the board in 2005. His […]

Michigan Federal Court Issues Injunction Against Release of Primary Voter List

On February 28, a U.S. District Court in Michigan issued an injuction, prohibiting the Secretary of State from giving the list of Republican presidential primary voters, and the list of Democratic presidential primary voters, to those two political parties. The case had been filed by the Green and Libertarian Michigan parties. The law says the […]

Bloomberg Definite: Won't Run for President

In Thursday’s New York Times, Michael Bloomberg writes that he definitely will not run for President this year. He says he has changed his mind on one thing: that he may work for one of the other candidates in November.

No US Supreme Court Election Law News Today

Wednesday, February 27: The US Supreme Court issued no election law decisions today. It did not release either of the two pending election law cases (the one from Washington state on the top-two primary, and the one from Indiana on photo ID at the polls).

Nader Campaign Report on Early Fund-Raising

Ralph Nader’s campaign says that just since he announced, he has received contributions for his presidential campaign of $35,000, from 344 individuals.

Democrat Leading in New York State Special Senate Election

With 42% of the vote counted, Democrat Darrel Aubertine is leading Republican Will Barclay by about 2,000 votes, in the special New York State Senate 48th district election on February 26. It will be some time before a breakdown of all 5 parties’ vote totals in available. The Working Families Party had cross-endorsed Aubertine; the […]