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Hawaii Supreme Court Says State's Petition-Checking Procedures are Legal

On March 27, the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that the petition-checking procedures used in 2004 for independent presidential petitions are legal. Peroutka v Cronin, no. 27233. Here is the decision. The decision is somewhat maddening. Plaintiffs (Michael Peroutka, Constitution Party presidential candidate, and Ralph Nader, independent presidential candidate) had complained that even though the petition […]

Constitution Party is On Hawaii Ballot

On March 31, Hawaii Elections officials ruled that the Constitution Party petition for party status has enough valid signatures, so the party is on the ballot. The party is now on for president in 18 states. The Constitution Party had failed to get on the Hawaii ballot in 2004, although it was on in 1996 […]

No U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in Indiana Voter-ID Case Until April 14 at Earliest

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a full opinion on March 31, but it did not issue the Indiana photo ID case for voters at the polls. There will be no more U.S. Supreme Court decisions until April 14 at the earliest.

Kansas House Passes Presidential Primary Bill

Kansas is one of the states that didn’t hold a presidential primary this year, and used caucuses instead. On March 28, the Kansas House passed HB 2683, which sets up a presidential primary starting in 2012. It would be the first Saturday in February.

2008 Likely to be a 6-Candidate Race Again

It is possible to predict that 2008 will be another presidential election in which only six general election presidential candidates will theoretically be able to be elected. It is quite likely that the presidential nominees of the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Constitution Parties, as well as independent candidate Ralph Nader, will be the only […]

Washington Republican Party Takes New Legal Action to Invalidate "Top-Two"

On March 28, the Washington Republican Party asked the U.S. District Court that first heard the case against the “top-two” system, to let the party file an amended complaint in that same case. The U.S. Supreme Court on March 18 had ruled that the “top-two” system does not violate the associational rights of political parties […]

Suppose the U.S. Used "Top-Two" for Presidential Elections?

This year, 30 states have held presidential primaries (counting D.C. as a state). As noted in an earlier post, the cumulative vote totals for the leading major party presidential candidates are: Hillary Clinton 13,920,268; Barack Obama 13,855,412; John McCain 7,613,865. Although 12 more presidential primaries are yet to occur, one can imagine that McCain’s vote […]