Monthly Archives: April 2008

Vermont Legislature Passes National Popular Vote Plan

On April 25, the Vermont House passed S.270, the National Popular Vote Plan. The vote was 77-35. When the bill had passed the Senate earlier, the vote had been 22-6. On April 30, Governor Jim Douglas, a Republican, said he was not enthusiastic about the bill, but that he hasn’t decided whether to sign it […]

Dan Tokaji Commentary on Indiana Photo Voter ID Decision

This commentary by Dan Tokaji, who has an election law blog, about the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Indiana photo voter-ID case, is well worth reading.

MSNBC/Wall St. Journal Presidential Poll

On April 30, a poll sponsored by MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal was released. If the Democratic nominee were Barack Obama, the November results are: Obama 46%, McCain 43%, undecided 6%, other 5%. This poll didn’t list any “other” candidates. See here for more results from that same poll.

COFOE Web Page Now Has Minutes of 2008 Board Meeting

The Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) has a web page, The minutes of the 2008 board meeting are now posted. The meeting was held March 2, 2008, in New York city. COFOE has existed since 1985 and is a loose coalition of the nation’s nationally-organized minor parties, plus other organizations that also […]

Iowa Legislative Session Ends with No Action on Various Election Law Bills

The Iowa legislature ended its 2007-2008 session on April 26. That session had various interesting election law bills, but none of them passed. Democrats control both Houses of the legislature and hold the Governorship, but they did not pass the National Popular Vote plan bill, SF 2008. Other bills that failed to move are: SF […]

West Virginia Law Professor, Champion of Ballot Access, Seeks State Supreme Court Seat

University of West Virginia Law Professor Bob Bastress is seeking one of the two Democratic Party nominations for State Supreme Court Justice, in the May 6 primary. Bastress has been a professor there for 30 years and has done many pro bono constitutional lawsuits during those years. On April 9, he was endorsed by the […]

NY Times Features Senator Ernie Chambers, But Neglects to Mention His Time in the New Alliance Party

The New York Times of April 29 has this feature story on Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers, who is being forced into retirement after 40 years due to term limits. The New York Times told a lot of interesting anecdotes about Chambers, but did not mention that in 1988, he registered as a member of […]