Monthly Archives: May 2008

Democratic Rules Committee Gives Florida and Michigan Each Half a Delegation

The Rules Committee of the Democratic Party has unanimously agreed to give Florida Democrats half their delegation, and has also agreed to give Michigan Democrats half as well. All individuals from those two states will be seated, each with a half-vote. The Florida apportionment of delegates matches the results of the Florida presidential primary. The […]

McCain Meets with State Chair of N.Y. Independence Party

This Newsday story, published May 31, says that U.S. Senator John McCain met briefly with the state chair of the Independence Party of New York, Frank MacKay. The story hints that McCain is seeking the Independence Party’s nomination. The story says that only 7 states allow fusion, but for president this is not true. Approximately […]

Boston Herald Article on Chances of National Popular Vote Bill Passing in Massachusetts

The May 30 Boston Herald has this article on the chances of the National Popular Vote Plan bill passing this year in Massachusetts. In summary, it seems somewhat likely.

Georgia Democratic Party Files New Lawsuit Against Photo ID Law

On May 23, the Georgia Democratic Party filed a new lawsuit against that state’s law requiring voters at the polls to show a government photo-ID. The suit depends on the Georgia Constitution, which sets forth the requirements for anyone to vote. The Constitution just sets age, citizenship and residency requirements. The lawsuit charges that an […]

Illinois "Straight-Ticket" Bill Seems Dead

May 31, Saturday, is the last day of the regular session of the Illinois legislature’s spring session. HB 2673, which would restore the “straight-ticket” device to Illinois general election ballots, seems dead. The bill has not passed either House, and the legislature expects to spend all day on May 31 working on the budget. A […]

Two Florida Major Party Congressional Candidates Sue for Ballot Access

Two major party congressional candidates in Florida have sued the Florida Elections Division over ballot access. The two candidates had both been running active campaigns, for many months. They both submitted incomplete or incorrect paperwork, so both are being kept off primary ballots unless they win their lawsuits. The Democratic candidate is Professor Larry Byrnes, […]

Washington Secretary of State Debates Democratic County Chair on "Top-Two"

Here is an account of a debate held May 28 between Washington’s Secretary of State, and the chair of the Whatcom County Democratic Party, over the “top-two” election system that will be tried for the first time in Washington state this year. Thanks to Steve Rankin.