Monthly Archives: June 2008

Maine Democrats Sue Secretary of State to Get Independent Senate Candidate Off the Ballot

On June 30, the chair of the Maine Democratic Party filed a lawsuit in state court, to remove the only independent candidate for U.S. Senate from the November ballot. The case is Knutson v Department of the Secretary of State, Kennebec County. The Secretary of State had determined that the candidate, Herb Hoffman, has 4,000 […]

New Illinois Ballot Access Lawsuit Likely for U.S. House Candidates

Two petitioning candidates for the U.S. House in Illinois will probably file a federal lawsuit soon. It will allege that because Illinois only requires 5,000 signatures (exactly) in years after redistricting, therefore there is no state interest in requiring between 9,000 and 15,000 in all other election years. Illinois is the only state that has […]

California AIP State Convention Chooses Electors Pledged to Baldwin

On June 28-29, the American Independent Party held its state convention in Los Angeles. The convention chose Ed King for state chair, and nominated a slate of presidential electors pledged to Chuck Baldwin for president. Approximately 35 delegates attended. Outgoing state chair Ed Noonan did not attend. Outgoing vice-chair Mark Seidenberg did appear at the […]

Nader's New York Ballot Label

New York doesn’t permit independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to start circulating petitions until July 7. Ralph Nader’s petition in New York will carry the ballot label “Populist”. The logo will be a buffalo.

No Illinois Challenges to Any Presidential Petition

Today was the last day for anyone in Illinois to file an objection to a petition filed by an independent candidate, or the petition of a previously unqualified or new party. No one challenged any of the four petitions turned in for president. Those petitions were for the Libertarian, Constitution and New Parties, and Ralph […]

Rock the Debates Still Fighting for Inclusive Presidential Debates

Rock the Debates has been fighting to persuade the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates to agree to at least one general election presidential debate that includes presidential candidates who could theoretically win the election. See The group’s activists hold a conference call approximately twice a month. The group is seeking to expand, and particularly […]

Ralph Nader on "This Week With George Stephanopoulos"

To see the film of George Stephanopoulos interviewing Ralph Nader on June 29, use this link.