Monthly Archives: July 2008

Live Blogging from Peace & Freedom Party Convention

A Peace and Freedom Party member expects to attend to state convention in Sacramento August 2-3 (with preliminary social activities with the presidential candidates on the evening of August 1), and she expects to blog at this web site. Thanks to C.T. Weber for this news.

Pennsylvania Ballot Access Reform Bill Gets Publicity

This news story in a daily newspaper in Pennsylvania features the ballot access reform bill recently introduced by Senator Mike Folmer.

Pennsylvania Green Petition Fate in Hands of Reconstruction Party Activists

The Pennsylvania petition deadline is August 1. The Green Party of Pennsylvania is hoping that the Reconstruction Party of Philadelphia will have secured enough signatures on the Green petition to give it a chance of succeeding. The state requires 24,666 signatures. Petitions are accepted if they have enough signatures on their face, unless somone challenges. […]

Another Illinois Constitutional Ballot Access Case Filed

On July 30, a second challenge was made to Illinois ballot access law for minor party and independent candidates for U.S. House. Both the earlier federal lawsuit (Stevo v Keith) and the newer state court case argue that Illinois can have no state interest in requiring approximately 10,000 signatures for U.S. House candidates this year, […]

Alabama Ballot Access Case Filed

On July 31, an independent candidate for U.S. House filed a lawsuit challenging the number of signatures for that office, in certain districts. Alabama is the only state which requires an independent candidate for U.S. House to obtain more signatures than are required for an independent candidate for president. Alabama requires exactly 5,000 signatures for […]

New 4-Way Presidential Poll

On July 30, CNN-Opinion Research released a new 4-way presidential poll. The results: Obama 46%, McCain 42%, Nader 6%, Barr 3%, other and undecided 3%. See here for more details.

9th Circuit May Release Lemons v Bradbury on August 1

The 9th circuit heard oral argument in Lemons v Bradbury, 08-35209, on July 8, 2008, on an expedited schedule. The case concerns whether a voter has a due process right to have his or her signature counted on a petition. The lawsuit concerns a referendum submitted this year in Oregon. The attorneys for the state […]