Monthly Archives: October 2008

New Hampshire 3-Way Senate, Gubernatorial Poll

On October 31, SurveyUSA released a New Hampshire poll. For Governor, it shows: Lynch (Dem.) 65%, Kenney (Rep.) 28%, Newell (Libertarian) 5%, undecided 3%. For U.S. Senator: Shaheen (Dem.) 53%, Sununu 40%, Blevens (Libertarian) 6%, undecided 2%. The poll also asked about the presidential race, but only reported: Obama 53%, McCain 42%, “Other” 3%, undecided […]

Utah Libertarians Win Last-Minute Ballot Access Case

On October 31, a Utah state court ordered Libertarian Party nominee Mike Stoddard back onto the ballot for State Auditor. The case is Stoddard v Herbert, 3rd judicial district, 080923182. Utah uses DRE vote-casting machines, so there is no problem with printing ballots; a candidate can be deleted or added to the ballot by a […]

Compendium of Current Lawsuits Over Challenges to Voters

Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University has this handy, neutral chart of lawsuits pending over how and whether voters at the polls should be challenged.

Minor Party Presidential Candidates May Alter Outcome in Louisiana

On October 31, Louisiana TV station WWL-TV released a presidential poll. The results: McCain 43%, Obama 40%, other 3%, undecided/refused 15%. See here for more detail. The article does not mention the “other” figure, but if one clicks on the link inside the article, one goes to a page that does include it. Ron Paul […]

The Hazards of Getting a Write-in Vote for President Counted

No group of voters (except for ex-felons and felons, and residents the District of Columbia, and of the U.S. territorial possessions) is treated worse than voters who cast a write-in vote for president, even if the presidential candidate has filed for write-in status. States don’t tally any write-in votes for president until December, and sometimes […]

Phil Berg Files Anti-Obama Case in Both the 3rd Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court

On October 30, Philadelphia attorney Phil Berg filed his appeal in Berg v Obama in the 3rd circuit, case number 08-4340. That Court has not acted. Berg then filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, case number 08-570. The U.S. Court of Appeals Clerk’s office is treating this case in an unusual manner. Normally, when one […]

CBS/NY Times Presidential Poll

On October 30, a presidential poll paid for by CBS and the New York Times was released. It shows Obama 52%, McCain 41%, undecided 5%, and other 2%. The poll did not ask voters about any presidential candidates other than Obama and McCain; people had to volunteer anyone else. For more details, see here. UPDATE: […]