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Connecticut Independent, Working Families Party get Press Attention for How they Used Public Funding

Some Independent Party legislative candidates, and some Working Families Party legislative candidates, received public funding in 2008. This article in the AmericanRepublican newspaper details how the candidates used their public funds.

New Illinois Governor Wants to Move Primary from February to September

Illinois’ new Governor, Pat Quinn, wants the legislature to move the 2010 primary from February to September. See this Chicago Tribune article.

One of the Cases over Timing of Florida Presidential Primary Loses on Procedural Issues

On January 30, the 11th circuit ruled that the lawsuit DiMaio v Democratic National Committee, no. 08-13241, is moot. Victor DiMaio had sued the party over its 2008 convention rule that forbids presidential primaries earlier than February, with an exception for New Hampshire and South Carolina. The decision says that the Democratic National Committee hasn’t […]

Ken Blackwell Loses Bid to be Republican National Chair

On January 30, the Republican National Committee chose Michael Steele of Maryland to be its new national chair. One of the other candidates for chair, Ken Blackwell, dropped out and endorsed Steele after placing last in the fourth ballot. Blackwell, a former Ohio Secretary of State, behaved with hostility toward minor parties and independent candidates […]

Another Arkansas Ballot Access Improvement Bill

There are two bills pending in the Arkansas legislature to ease ballot access. Besides the one mentioned yesterday (HB 1247, to make it easier for a party to remain on the ballot), HB 1246 is also pending. It increases the period for circulating a new party petition, from any 60 consecutive days the party chooses, […]

Arizona Improved New Party Ballot Access in 2006

Ballot Access News just learned that in 2006, the Arizona legislature decreased the number of signatures required for a new party to get on the ballot in mid-term years. The law before 2006 required a petition of 1.33% of the last vote cast. There are always many more votes cast in presidential years than mid-term […]

Arkansas Times Feature Story on Richard Carroll, Green Party Legislator

The January 29 edition of the Arkansas Times has this intriguing story about Richard Carroll, the Green Party’s only current state legislator. He works the night shift at his locomotive repair job, so that he can attend the legislative session during the day.