Monthly Archives: February 2009

9th Circuit Says Montana Campaign Finance Law is Being Enforced Too Strictly

On February 26, the 9th circuit reversed a lower court, and said it is not reasonable for Montana Campaign Finance enforcement agencies to try to force a particular church to register as an √ɬŹncidental Political Committee, and then to begin disclosing information about its finances. In 2004 the church had heard a speaker who advocated […]

Watered-Down Ballot Access Reform Bill Advances in Oklahoma

On February 26, the Oklahoma House Rules Committee passed HB 1072 by a vote of 10-2. The bill, as originally introduced, lowered the number of signatures for a previously unqualified party from 5% of the last vote cast, to 5,000. As amended, the bill keeps the 5% requirement, but bases it on the last gubernatorial […]

Arkansas House Passes National Popular Vote Bill

On February 25, the Arkansas House passed HB 1339, the bill to provide for the National Popular Vote Plan pact for electing the president. The vote was 56-43. Richard Carroll, the Green Party representative, voted “Yes”. Now the bill goes to the Senate.

New York Bill to Require New York City Popular Vote on Term Limits Advances

On February 25, the New York State Assembly Election Law Assembly passed A1224. If it is signed into law, it would require New York city voters to vote in May 2009 on whether they approve of abolishing term limits for the city’s Mayor, city councilmembers, and the other two citywide executive elected posts. The chief […]

U.S. House Also Working on Bill for a D.C. Voting Representative

The U.S. Senate isn’t the only branch of Congress that is working on a bill to give the District of Columbia a voting member of the U.S. House. The U.S. House is also working on the idea. The bill in the U.S. House is HR 157. The House Judiciary Committee is hearing the bill on […]

Virginia Bill, Requiring National Convention Certification by Late August, Passes Legislature

On February 24, the Virginia legislature passed SB 1155. It restores Virginia’s old deadline for qualified parties to certify the names of the presidential and vice-presidential nominees, to 74 days before the general election. That deadline had been suspended by the legislature to accomodate late major party national conventions in 2004 and 2008. Assuming this […]

Wyoming Bill to Rein in Late Presidential Conventions is Signed into Law

On February 23, Wyoming HB 76 was signed into law by Governor Dave Freudenthal. Among other things, it says that if any qualified party fails to certify the names of its presidential and vice-presidential nominees by 60 days before the general election, the state will not print those nominees on the ballot. Instead it would […]