Monthly Archives: March 2009

Illinois Legislature Considers Multiple Bills to Alter How Republican Party Chooses Central Committee

A few Illinois Republican legislators desire to change the election law, to provide that Republican Central Committee members be elected by primary voters instead of by elected local party officials. Democrats, who control state government in Illinois, have jumped into the fray, and have attached the idea as as amendment to several election law bills. […]

New York Press Consensus that Working Families Party Responsible for New York Increase on Tax for High Earners

New York’s Governor and legislative leaders announced last week that they had agreed on a budget which includes an income tax hike on taxpayers who earn more than $300,000 per year. The New York press generally seems to have a consensus that this result would not have been reached without the influence of the Working […]

Both Sides File Briefs for Summary Judgment in Barr v Massachusetts Case

On March 31, both sides in Barr v Galvin filed briefs asking for summary judgment. Barr v Galvin is the case in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts over whether the Libertarian Party had a right to use a stand-in presidential candidate on its 2008 petition. Although last year the judge had granted injunctive relief to […]

Hawaii Nader Case Will be Revived

Ralph Nader’s 2004 Hawaii ballot access case has been in the 9th circuit since last year. The chief issue is whether it is constitutional for Hawaii to require six times as many signatures for an independent presidential candidate as for an entire new party. Last year the 9th circuit put the case on hold, to […]

Texas Legislative Session is Half Over; Ballot Access Bill Needs Co-Sponsors

As this newspaper story points out, the Texas legislative session is now half over. Furthermore, the Texas legislature doesn’t meet in regular session in even-numbered years. The ballot access bill, HB 820, has made no headway so far this year. The sponsor asks that Texans who support the bill contact their state legislators and ask […]

Oregon Ballot Access Bills Have Hearing

On March 31, the Oregon Senate Elections Committee holds a hearing on two bills to improve independent candidate ballot access. They are SB 326 and SB 353. SB 326 repeals the law (passed in 2005) that says primary voters can’t sign for an independent petition. SB 353 reduces the number of signatures for independent candidates […]

Illinois Ballot Access Case in Front of U.S. Supreme Court

The Illinois ballot access lawsuit called Stevo v Keith is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. It is case 08-1187. If Illinois state government wishes to ask the Court not to take the case, the state’s response is due April 24. Sometimes defendants waive their right to respond. It will be interesting to see if […]