Major Polls Show 4% or 5% of Americans Choose "Other" When Asked About Partisan Affiliation

For decades, pollsters have been asking U.S. residents if they consider themselves to be Democrats, Republicans, or independents. Recently, however, two of the biggest polls have added “other” to those choices. An NBC News/WSJ Survey released April 29 finds that 4% of respondents choose the “Other” category. A Washington Post/ABC Poll released April 21 found 5% chose “Other”.

When one examines voter registration data, only 2% of voters are registered as members of parties other than Democratic or Republican.

The full poll results, for the partisan affiliation question, are: NBC News/WSJ, Democrats (including independents who lean Democratic) 42%, Republicans (including independents who lean Republican) 31%, strict independents 19%, “Other” 4%, undecided 4%. For the Washington Post/ABC Poll, the results are Democrats (including independents who lean Democratic) 53%, Republicans (including independents who lean Republican) 37%, independents 4%, “Other” 5%, undecided, less than 1%. Here is a link to the Washington Post/ABC Poll. The partisan affiliation question is at the very end. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.


  1. This all makes perfect sense. The Dems and GOP are terrible but the ‘alternative’ organization[s] are often grossly inappropriate.

  2. Demo Rep · · Reply

    Are the *Other* persons apparently from Outer Space claiming to be humans ???

    Both the Donkeys and Elephant so-called *leaders* are STATIST control freak monsters from HELL — NOT from Outer Space.

    Democracy NOW on Mother Earth via P.R. —

    Total Votes / Total Seats = EQUAL votes needed for each seat winner in legislative bodies = REAL Democracy — versus the nonstop EVIL gerrymander oligarchs / monarchs for about 6,000 plus years.

  3. Arthur DiBianca · · Reply

    It’s also good that the poll tracks people who say they do not consider themselves “liberal”, “moderate”, or “conservative”.

    Unfortunately people have to volunteer that response — it would be better if that option were part of the question.

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