Panel at Harvard Discusses National Popular Vote Plan

The April 30 edition of the Harvard Law Record has this description of a panel on the National Popular Vote Plan, held on April 27. Both panelists, Law Professor Akhil Amar, and New Yorker editor Hendrick Hertzberg, support the plan, so in no sense was the panel a debate.


  1. ComingBackToTheLP · · Reply

    This panel discussion being limited to only one side is quite appropriate as it foreshadows just what we would see should the f a s c i s t – s o c i a l i s t NPV plan ever be adopted: the END of liberty and democracy in America.

  2. TheVirginiaHistorian · · Reply

    The npv plan is in the tradition of founding father James Wilson (PA) who proposed direct popular election of the president repeatedly in the Constitutional Convention.

    He was a floor leader in support of Madison’s “Virginia Plan” of representation based on population. Neither were as wild as Alexander Hamilton who wanted all colonial state boundaris redrawn to equalize state populations.

    The npv proposal may have drawbacks, but it is neither fascist nor socialist.

  3. Larry Order · · Reply

    ComingBacktotheLP predicts a “Fascist-socialist” state, with no liberty and democracy, all because we allow the majority of American voters to choose their president.

    Amazing, isn’t it, how contorted some people’s view of the American dream can become.

    C’mon…Bushie boy…come clean. You oppose the NPV because Republicans have had the electoral game racked up since Nixon took the Solid South away from the Dems.

    What is it you fear anyway? Even your boy Bush would have been reelected in 04 under NPV. In fact, the EC system almost did him in in Ohio.

    I wonder what you’d be saying now about the NPV if we were in a second Kerry term?

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