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Nevada Senate Passes Bill to Require Initiatives to Get Signatures in All U.S. House Districts

On May 31, Sunday, the Nevada Senate passed SB 212 by a vote of 20-1. It requires initiative petitions to include a substantial number of signatures from each of the 3 U.S. House districts. The bill also says that after 2011, the legislature must revisit the issue. The one “No” vote was from Senator Terry […]

Nevada Legislature May Create Congressional District Distribution Requirement for Initiatives

On Saturday, May 30, the Nevada Senate Finance Committee amended SB 212, so that if the bill becomes law, initiatives would need a substantial number of signatures from each of Nevada’s three U.S. House districts. This is a far less restrictive idea than the original bill, which required a substantial number of signatures in each […]

Prohibition Party Sets National Committee Meeting

The Prohibition Party holds a national committee meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 17-18. Speakers include Rev. Dr. John Killian, and also History Professor J. David Gillespie, author of “Politics at the Periphery.” The meeting is at Barton-First Southern Methodist Church, 2869 Mendenhall Road.

League of Women Voters Finds No Internal Consensus on National Popular Vote Plan

The League of Women Voters finished studying the National Popular Vote Plan at the end of April, 2009, but was unable to come to a consensus on whether to support it.

Baton Rouge Newspaper Story on Defeat of Bill to Deprive Small Parties of a Primary

The May 28 issue of the Advocate, Baton Rouge’s daily newspaper, has this story about the defeat of HB 776, which would have eliminated the congressional primary for small qualified parties and left them with no means to nominate. The story focuses its attention on fears that the bill was really a “trojan horse” bill […]

Peace & Freedom Party Plans National Organizing Conference

The Peace & Freedom Party is hosting a Conference in San Francisco on Saturday, August 1, to advance its hopes of building a nationwide political party. The conference is at the State Building at 455 Golden Gate Ave. See here for more information.

Maine House Passes Bill to Shrink Itself

On May 29, the Maine House passed LD 144. This bill shrinks the size of the House from 151 members to 131 members.