Monthly Archives: June 2009

Election Law Bills in Congress Keep Gaining Co-Sponsors

Almost all of the interesting election law bills in the U.S. House have continued to add co-sponsors during June. In order of how many co-sponsors each bill has, here is a list: 1. Popular vote on Puerto Rico status: 151 (HR 2499) 2. Paper Trail for Vote-Counting Machines: 80 (HR 2894) 3. Public Funding for […]

No Progress on New York State Senate

The New York Times of June 30 reports that the New York State Senate is no closer to establishing a compromise, than it was two weeks ago. With no settlement of who the Senate’s officers are, no business is being conducted.

Libertarian Party Files 5th Circuit Brief in Louisiana Ballot Access Case

On June 30, the Libertarian Party filed its brief in the 5th circuit in the presidential ballot access case that originated in 2008. The brief is 47 pages. The issue was whether the Secretary of State should have accepted the paperwork for the party’s presidential electors on September 10. The U.S. District Court had ordered […]

Green Party Press Release On Israeli Seizure of Cynthia McKinney

On June 30, the Green Party put out this press release, calling on the United States government to request that Cynthia McKinney and twenty other individuals be released from Israeli custody.

California Legislature Considers the Indirect Initiative

Three bills in the California legislature propose the Indirect Initiative. The Indirect Initiative combines the initiative with state legislative action. The bill most favorable to the initiative process is SCA 16, by Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord). Currently, initiatives to change a state law require signatures equal to 5% of the last gubernatorial vote, and then […]

Minnesota Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Franken

On June 30, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Al Franken, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate last November, won that election. Here is the 32 page decision. UPDATE: at 3 p.m. central daylight time, Norm Coleman said he would not appeal this decision, nor file a federal lawsuit. Thanks to ElectionLawBlog for the […]

Connecticut Democrat Tries to Defund Public Funding, but Fails

On June 26, the Connecticut House defeated an amendment to the budget bill, SB 1801, that would have defunded public financing for candidates for state office. The amendment was offered by Corky Mazurek, a Democrat from Wolcott. His amendment was defeated 37-98. All Republicans but one voted for it, but all Democrats except three voted […]