Monthly Archives: July 2009

U.S. Supreme Court Receives at Least 33 Amici Curiae Briefs in Citizens United Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear Citizens United v Federal Election Commission on September 9. The case concerns the McCain-Feingold campaign spending law. Amici curiae briefs are due by the end of the day, Friday, July 31. Already there seem to be at least 20 amici briefs in opposition to the law, 9 in favor, […]

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Initiative Has Enough Valid Signatures

On July 31, the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously ruled that one particular initiative should appear on the 2010 ballot. The 8-page decision is here. The case is State ex rel Scioto Downs v Brunner, 2009-3761. The Secretary of State had certified an initiative, providing for casinos in four Ohio cities, for the ballot. Opponents had […]

Navajo Nation Will Use Initiative for First Time

On July 30, the Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation ruled that two initiatives had successfully qualified for the Navajo ballot. The Court ordered the election to be held before the end of 2009. See this article. The Navajo Constitution provides for the initiative, if a petition signed by 15% of the qualified Navajo voters. […]

Delaware Holds 4-Candidate Debate

Delaware chooses a new State Senator in the 19th district on Monday, August 3, to fill a vacancy. Four candidates are running, a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, and an independent. All four participated in a debate on July 30. See this story. The League of Women Voters sponsored the debate. It was held in […]

Rhode Island Moderate Party Likely Finishes Petition

The Moderate Party of Rhode Island will have collected 30,000 signatures on its petition to become a qualified party by Monday, August 3. The law requires 23,589 signatures, so the party believes that in four days, it will have enough valid signatures. If the party has qualified, this is the first time any political party, […]

Congress Hears Testimony on Public Financing

The U.S. House Committee on Administration held a hearing on HR 1826 on July 30. The bill would provide for public funding for candidates for Congress. This AP story mentions what some of the witnesses said, but has no information on how members of the Committee reacted. Nor does the story mention any of the […]

Texas to Hold Special Election for U.S. Senate in May 2010

On July 29, Texas U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said she will resign from the Senate in October or November 2009, in order to prepare to run for Governor in 2010. She had last been elected to the Senate in 2006. Therefore, Texas will hold a special election for U.S. Senate on May 8, 2010. […]