Communist Party Will Stop Printing its Newspaper on Paper

The Communist Party announced earlier this month that it will no longer produce a paper edition of its weekly newspaper, the People’s Weekly World. The paper will be an internet publication.

Very few nationally-organized political parties in the United States continue to publish a paper edition of a national newsletter or a national newspaper. The Libertarian Party still publishes the Libertarian Party News on paper (monthly), and the Socialist Workers Party still publishes The Militant on paper (weekly). UPDATE: also the Party for Socialism and Liberation publishes a bi-weekly newspaper called Liberation, and has done so for the last two years.

The Green Party no longer publishes the Green Pages on paper, except on rare occasions. The Constitution Party has never had a paper periodical, although William Shearer’s former print publications unofficially served as national party publications. The Reform Party never had a periodical either, nor did the Natural Law Party.


  1. Demo Rep · · Reply

    What do the party hack Donkeys / Elephants do — other than print a zillion laws, ordinances and regulations to control everybody and everything ???

  2. For anyone who’s interested, I have a collection of old LP News going back to the 1970s. Not a complete set, but pretty damned good, including the 1980 Ed Clark issue, and some from 1976 the Roger MacBride days.

    They’re tucked safely away in my garage.

  3. Wrong folks, on the Reform Party USA communications committee! There has been one attempt after another to produce a print monthly house organ. I was the comm comm chair in 2005, basically the news letter editor. We had paid up subscriptions from before and solicited others.

    We limped along, after the all female crew of Virginia Brooks of Ohio [a vicious anti Nader state Chair in 2004 and squandered $900 on the never connected National Convention] and then, separately, Sandra Madison [Fort Worth] and fellow Texan Beverly Kennedy [Dallas] dragged the operations to a stand still.

    Things got going in 2005 only to run into the buzz saw of the Reform Party Israel First Judaic Fascist cabal of John Blare, John Coffey, John Bambey, and Valli Sharpe Geisler. Not only do Blare and VSG still own Don Lake/ Citizens For A Betters Veterans Home money, but the anti American Jewish crew killed both the national blog and the news letter to blunt an article on the IDF attack on the non combat ship USS Liberty.

    I have attempted to crank out Reform Reform as an unofficial print response but have not done much lately [having had seven surgeries in the last two years].

    The truth, the truth, the truth …….

  4. Jeff Becker · · Reply

    Constitution Party Chairman James Clymer publishes “On The Soapbox”, a four-page monthly newsletter, for activists, contributors, state party officers, and those interested. Contact the national CP office for more info:

  5. There will be a weekly downloadable edition (hard-copy) available from the website which can be copied and distributed locally. We plan to mail out this edition for current subscribers who have no way of getting online access.

    — Terrie Albano, editor, People’s Weekly World

  6. The Catholic Trotskyist Party does not yet have a newsletter, but will someday. It hopes that the Communist Party newspaper will continue to prosper as an Internet paper.

  7. The Constitution Party eludes to a ‘Soap Box’ but offers no slick way to subscribe. MAYBE a subscription can be gained via the general inquiry dialog box.

    Sounds a whole lot like their hokey dokey ‘Veterans’ committee, having nothing to do with former military out side of an on going attempt to recruit them to the main party.

    The Dems and GOP are sooooooo corrupt. Thank good ness we alternative types are not like that!

  8. Jeff Becker · · Reply

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says: “Constitution Party eludes to a ‘Soap Box’ but offers no slick way to subscribe”

    That’s because the Constitution Party is not “slick” like the big-box parties. Click on the link above, and then go to the the left on “Order Free Info Pack” to get on the CP mailing list.

    Think outside the box.

  9. Quit making inquirers be mind readers! Ya call it the Soap Box, label it the Soap Box! What jerks, like your fakey dakey Veterans Committee! How smarmy self serving self righteous, especially religious, folks, can grow to be. What jerks!

  10. The Socialist Party Publishes The Socialist magazine bi-monthly. It also publishes Socialist Women magazine three times a year, as well as a handful of different state and local publications.

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