Monthly Archives: August 2009

Washington Secretary of State Says Referendum 71 Has Enough Valid Signatures

On August 31, the office of Washington’s Secretary of State said that Referendum-71 had at least 1,000 more valid signatures than were needed. UPDATE: the state court weighing the challenge to this petition will issue its ruling on Wednesday morning, Sep. 2. See this story. The Referendum was filed to block a law passed by […]

3-Way New Jersey Gubernatorial Debates To Take Place After All

According to this story, the 3-candidate gubernatorial debates in New Jersey will occur on the original schedule. The first one will be attended by all three candidates, and will be October 1.

Carl Romanelli Asks Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Reconsider Fees

On August 31, Carl Romanelli, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania in 2006, filed his own pro se Petition for Reconsideration with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The case concerns the $80,000 that Romanelli’s challengers were awarded some years ago. The petition is here, and it is heartfelt and gets directly into details that […]

Massachusetts Election Set for January 19, 2010

Massachusetts will hold a special election to fill its vacant U.S. Senate seat on January 19, 2010. The three qualified parties (Democratic, Republican and Libertarian) nominate by primary, and that primary will be on December 8, 2009.

Connecticut Public Funding Law May Continue in Force During Appeal

The Connecticut public funding campaign law that was declared unconstitutional on August 27 will continue to be in force, while the state files an expedited appeal to the 2nd circuit. U.S. District Court Stefan Underhill stayed his own decision for two weeks, and the stay will probably be extended. Thanks to David Donnelly for this […]

Rhode Island House Reconvenes October 14

The Rhode Island House of Representatives will reconvene on October 14 and 15. It is somewhat likely that the House will pass SB 203, which eases ballot access for new parties. That bill has already passed the Senate. Other state legislatures that are expected to be active in dealing with election law bills the remainder […]

Connecticut Working Families Party Weighs Which Democrat to Support for Governor

On August 29, the Connecticut Working Families Party held a meeting to hear from all the contenders from the Democratic Party for governor next year. See this story, which says that 158 WFP members attended. The Connecticut Working Families Party has been on the ballot for some offices in Connecticut since 2002, but so far […]