Monthly Archives: September 2009

New Jersey Supreme Court Gives Exit Pollsters a Rare Legal Defeat

On September 30, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that no one, not even exit pollsters, should be allowed to approach voters (whether entering or leaving) within 100 feet of a polling place, on election day. The case is In Re: Attorney General’s Directive on Exit Polling, no. A-47. Here is a link to the […]

New York Daily News Carries Pro-IRV Op-Ed

The September 29 New York Daily News has this op-ed, advocating that New York city use Instant Runoff Voting instead of old-fashioned run-offs. The author of the op-ed is Lynn Serpe, a Green Party nominee for city council this year. Thanks to GreenPartyWatch for the link.

Tulsa World Story on Exclusion of Independent Candidate from Tulsa Mayoral Debates

The September 30 issue of Tulsa World has this story, focusing on Mark Perkins’ exclusion from a radio debate meant for candidates for Mayor of Tulsa. The election is on November 3, 2009. Tulsa is the only city in Oklahoma that uses partisan elections to choose city officials. The sponsors of the recent debate only […]

Libertarians File Brief in New Hampshire Case on Presidential Stand-Ins

On September 29, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire filed this 15-page brief in LP of NH v Gardner, 08-cv-367. The case had been filed in 2008 to challenge the refusal of the Secretary of State to permit any unqualified party from using a stand-in presidential candidate on its petitions. This brief is in opposition […]

Cleveland Plain Dealer Story on Rick Nagin

The September 28 issue of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has this interesting story about Rick Nagin, who is in a run-off for one of Cleveland’s city council seats. The election is non-partisan, but the public and the press are still fascinated by the fact that this particular council race is between a member of the […]

Ohio Court Hearing on Constitutionality of Age Limit to Run for City Office

On September 29, a U.S. District Court in Akron, Ohio, heard oral arguments in McClafferty v Portage County Board of Elections. This is the case over the constitutionality of a city ordinance that says elected city office-holders must be at least 23 years of age. Here is a description of the hearing. There is no […]

New Poll for New Jersey Gubernatorial Race Puts Independent at 12%

A Quinnipiac Poll released on September 30 shows these results for the New Jersey gubernatorial race: Chris Christie (Rep.) 43%, Jon Corzine (Dem.) 39%, Chris Daggett (indp.) 12%, undecided or other, 6%. See here.