Monthly Archives: November 2009

Maine Petition is Under Attack Because Notaries Public Who Certified Petition Sheets Got Married and Didn't Change Their Names in State Records

In the United States, it seems there is almost an infinity of reasons why petitions can be challenged. States that require petition sheets to be notarized open the doors for additional types of challenges. Determined challengers may realize that the petition itself has enough signatures of registered voters, so then the challengers try to find […]

Boerne, Texas Considers Abandoning Cumulative Voting

Boerne, Texas, has been using Cumulative Voting for its city council elections since 1997. The city began using Cumulative Voting in response to a lawsuit that had been filed by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Cumulative Voting is a system in which each voters gets, for example, three votes. That voter is […]

December is the Month in Which Activists Should Find Sponsors for Legislative Bills

December is the prime month during which activists should look for state legislators to introduce bills in next year’s legislative sessions. More progress improving ballot access laws comes from persuading state legislators to ease these laws, than via lawsuits. But many states have very early deadlines for legislators to introduce bills. For example, in Indiana, […]

Vermont Debates an Earlier Primary

Although the Vermont legislature is not in session, Vermont state government officials are talking about whether to move the primary (for all office except president) from September, to August 24. See this story. Governor Jim Douglas favors asking the federal government for a waiver of the new federal law that is pushing the talk about […]

Georgia Ballot Case Has Hearing in Eleventh Circuit

The 11th circuit says it will hear oral arguments in Coffield v Handel during the period March 1-5. The court will set the exact date in a few weeks. This is the case in which Faye Coffield tried to get on the ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. House in 2008. Although no one […]

"City Hall" In-Depth Report on Why Working Families Party is So Effective in New York

City Hall’s November 29 issue has this very lengthy and detailed report on how the Working Families Party raises money in New York state, and how it is part of a network of organizations that enhance the effectiveness of each part of that network. Thanks to Rick Hasen of ElectionLawBlog for the link.

Nader Again Non-Committal on Possible U.S. Senate Run

The newspaper that covers Litchfield County, Connecticut, has this November 29 story about Ralph Nader’s appearance in Norfolk, Connecticut, for his book tour. Apparently as Nader traverses that state, he is always asked if he will run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. He continues being noncommital.