"City Hall" In-Depth Report on Why Working Families Party is So Effective in New York

City Hall’s November 29 issue has this very lengthy and detailed report on how the Working Families Party raises money in New York state, and how it is part of a network of organizations that enhance the effectiveness of each part of that network. Thanks to Rick Hasen of ElectionLawBlog for the link.


  1. Hello.

    Your write-up about the Working Families situation seems to be kind of cheery. (“enhance effectiveness”).

    I am confused about if you are just trying to be calm and matter of fact. Or, if you are trying to be journalistic, or legally cautious, and not pass judgment?

    But, if you read the article attached, it is raising questions about if the structure of these connected organizations is proper.

    I think the story and headline should be more like: “An investigation by reporters at ‘City Hall’ website shows that there may be even more concerns about the Working Families Party and how they raise, spend and report money.”

  2. Sorry to post more, but…

    My husband found the same, City Hall story, and this was what he felt like was important enough to quote:

    -While standing for ethics in government and campaign finance reform, Working Families has non-profits groups and a for-profit entity that lack donation caps, disclosure requirements (in terms of frequency and detail) and other regulations that political parties face. Leading politicians, political operatives and other experts complain that Party-supported candidates are as a result given an unfair advantage over their rivals… –

  3. Under that argument, shouldn’t all of NY state be run by the WFP then? The only parties I see anywhere with an “unfair advantage” are the Democrats and Republicans.

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